Khul Ke's roundtable series celebrates Padma awardees' triumphs

Khul Ke's roundtable series celebrates Padma awardees' triumphs

It highlights the lives of unsung heroes celebrating their remarkable contributions to society.

Khul Ke Baat: Padma Awardees Ke Saath

Mumbai: Khul Ke, the dynamic, homegrown India-centric social networking platform designed for open and unrestricted dialogue, is proud to announce the commencement of its groundbreaking series, Khul Ke Baat: Padma Awardees Ke Saath. This exclusive series, hosted by the renowned journalist and TV anchor Richa Aniruddha, aims to celebrate the remarkable contributions of individuals who have received the prestigious Padma Awards, one of India's highest civilian honours.

In a world where celebrity culture often overshadows selfless service, Khul Ke Baat: Padma Awardees Ke Saath offers a refreshing perspective. The show dives deep into the lives of ordinary Indians who have made an indelible mark on society through their altruistic endeavours. These are individuals who have selflessly contributed to the betterment of their communities, demonstrating unwavering courage and dedication.

The series gives an insight into the lives of the Padma Awardees who open up to host Richa Aniruddha, sharing their inspiring life journeys, the challenges they've overcome, and the profound impact they've made through their noble service. The show, which serves as Khul Ke's flagship RoundTable series, offers viewers an opportunity to witness the transformational power of social service and seeks to inspire the youth to follow in their footsteps.

In the upcoming episodes of 'Khul Ke Baat: Padma Awardees Ke Saath,' the viewers will be introduced to a remarkable lineup of Padma Shri awardees who have made significant contributions to society. Episode one showcases Prakash Kaur, the founder of Unique Home in Punjab, who has provided a safe haven for orphaned girls, earning the Padma Shri in 2021 for her remarkable contributions. In Episode two, the viewers meet Karimul Haque, affectionately known as 'Bike-Ambulance Dada,' who has saved over 5000 lives in Jalpaiguri by transforming his bike into an ambulance, ensuring timely medical attention for those in need. Episode three sheds light on Usha Chaumar, the President of Sulabh International Social Service Organization, who transformed her life by leaving manual scavenging behind to champion social change, receiving the Padma Shri in 2020.

Episode four features Sundaram Verma, an environmentalist from Danta, Rajasthan, whose afforestation efforts have led to the successful plantation of over 50,000 trees, significantly contributing to environmental conservation. Episode five focuses on Javed Ahmad Tak, a disability rights activist from Kashmir who founded the Zaiba Aapa Institute of Inclusive Education for specially-abled children and played a pivotal role in implementing the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 2016 in Jammu and Kashmir. Lastly, Episode six introduces Jamuna Tudu, affectionately known as 'Lady Tarzan,' who courageously protected forests in Jharkhand, confronting timber mafias and Naxals to safeguard these vital ecosystems. These episodes celebrate the unsung heroes of India whose selfless deeds have made ­­­a profound impact on society.

The Khul Ke Baat: Padma Awardees Ke Saath series promises a total of 13 enlightening episodes, featuring more Padma Awardees. The show aims to inspire and celebrate those whose noble service has made an immense impact in creating a better society and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’.

Khul Ke founder & CEO Piyush Kulshreshtha said, “The idea behind the Padma Awardees Series was to shine the spotlight on the achievements of ordinary people who have made a distinct and meaningful contribution to society. We are focusing on inspiring stories of people who have the right attitude, no jealousy, and no insecurity. The stories which focus on love, kindness, high empathy value and altruism. None of the awardees put themselves before their work which is the common thread among them. It is their work that comes first. We believe if anybody should influence the society today, it is them and achievers like them in many other fields. We need icons who can share their experiential wisdom. In today’s time, this is what our influencers should be like."

Khul Ke Baat: Padma Awardees Ke Saath is available for viewing on Khul Ke platform, where you can access these exclusive conversations with India's changemakers. Join us on this inspiring journey to celebrate and learn from these incredible individuals. The series can be accessed on the Khul Ke app via browser, Android Play Store, and the App Store on iOS. Simply head to the 'Roundtable' tab on the app and watch the series now.