Blink Digital, Meta, and OML host workshop on using reels for performance marketing

Blink Digital, Meta, and OML host workshop on using reels for performance marketing

A Blink Digital Meta Day unites advertisers, creators, agencies, and Meta under one roof.


Mumbai: Blink Digital is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Meta and Only Much Louder to deliver an intensive one-day workshop on 28 May, focused on the power of Reels in performance marketing. This initiative aims to educate brands and marketers on creating compelling, thumb-stopping content that drives both engagement and action. With the growing importance of short-form video content, the workshop will highlight the benefits of investing in Reels as high-performing assets.

Blink Digital, an award-winning independent digital agency, aims to bring their learning of global clients to India. With a staggering 100M spent on reel by Blink last year, the session will be power-packed with insights and learnings with Meta as a leading discovery platform and Only Much Louder enhancing the focus on creator content, this workshop represents a unique opportunity for brands and creators alike to stay ahead in the dynamic field of performance marketing.

Meta, India head of agency Gaurav Singh will deliver the keynote address, setting the stage for a series of sessions and workshops. Topics include ‘Reels in Modern Marketing’ by Anoop Menon, Agency Partner at Meta, India, and ‘Creating High-Performance Reels’ by Dia Kirpalani, Head of Creative Strategy at Blink Digital.

"This initiative is designed to educate brands at the forefront of the digital ecosystem," said Blink Digital co-founder and COO Rikki Agarwal. He added, "Utilising short-form video content on Reels is crucial for brands to thrive online. We grasp the nuances of the global market and aim to bring those insights to India. At Blink Digital, we are convinced that creativity is paramount, and when executed well, it drives the performance brands require."

Only Much Louder CEO  Gunjan Arya added, "We are excited to bring our network of creators and brand partners to this workshop, with whom OML has had the privilege to keep in step with as the platform has grown. Borrowing from our insights having worked with over 10,000+ creators in 20+ countries, we are offering participants real-world insights and practical tips on creating impactful Reels. We assure you that everyone attending will gain valuable knowledge and skills, making this workshop beneficial for both brands and creators alike.”

Join us for an exclusive session where we share our insider secrets. Learn how to optimise your media spending, ensure each investment delivers exceptional ROI, and drive remarkable growth. RSVP now to secure your spot and take the first step toward unlocking your brand's full potential.

You can register and see the agenda here -

When - Tuesday, 28th May

Time - 10:30 am onwards

Where - Meta Office, One BKC, Mumbai