Talkwalker and Twitter to focus on the #FinTwit community: Birdseye report 

Talkwalker and Twitter to focus on the #FinTwit community: Birdseye report 

42% of #FinTwit profiles are focused on discussing investment opportunities.


Mumbai: Talkwalker, a consumer intelligence and deep listening company in partnership with Twitter, released its latest Birdseye report, focusing on the #FinTwit (financial Twitter) community.

As an official partner of Twitter, Talkwalker was able to dive deep into the conversation on Twitter to provide consumer insights on this audience and the conversations they are having.

As the financial crisis is felt across the world, it’s critical to understand what’s behind those monetary conversations, the audience driving them, and how brands can use these insights to enable their consumer connections.

According to the report, while the majority of #FinTwit profiles are focused on cryptocurrency and NFTs, those most active in the conversation are still discussing investment opportunities (42 per cent).

In India, tech-savvy millennials are helping grow the popularity of crypto, while Southeast Asia is seeing a vibrant web 3.0 scene.

The growth of crypto and NFT-focused discussions is encouraging the expansion of the community, up by +102 per cent in Asia, +57.3 per cent in Europe, and +19.7 per cent in North America from August 2021 to August 2022.

The community is broadly forward-thinking, moving away from traditional finance and looking more towards a decentralised finance model, the report added.

As an industry-leading consumer intelligence platform, Talkwalker uses proprietary AI technology to derive insights from the community. Their ongoing investment in AI means Talkwalker clients can identify actionable insights faster and more accurately than ever before.

The report helps brands understand this audience and quickly take action based on the insights provided, providing a vital resource given the fast-moving nature of the FinTwit community.

"Twitter is a soundboard for the world," said Talkwalker CMO David Low. "When it comes to finance, #FinTwit has its finger on the pulse, discussing the major changes of the day as they happen. If there’s a monetary issue bubbling, they will know about it first. By partnering with Twitter on this report, Talkwalker analysed the audience in-depth to uncover vital insights."