promote liver health and raises awareness with special campaign promote liver health and raises awareness with special campaign

The Liver Day campaign aimed to educate on the liver disease epidemic and ways to halt it


Mumbai: Taking cognizance of the millions of people in India who suffer from liver-related diseases, and the relatively large number of early cases that go undiagnosed, took a proactive step to spread awareness on the subject. A holistic Liver Day Campaign by the English news website of TV9 Network, India’s largest news network, was launched on the 19th of April 2024, with the tagline, “Be Vigilant, Get Regular Liver Check-Ups, and Prevent Fatty Liver Diseases”.

The liver, being the second largest and one of the most vital organs in the human body, helps eliminate toxins and regulate metabolism. Liver diseases are becoming increasingly common the world over, but the issue is especially prevalent in India. Reports have shown that over one-third of Indians suffer from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, often remaining unrecognised. In 2015, India alone contributed to nearly one in every five liver disease-related deaths, making it a phenomenon of epidemic proportions.

 The Liver Day Campaign by was focused on educating the public on the lesser-known facts of this epidemic, and the lifestyle changes needed to boost liver health. Through interviews with experts, articles, explainer videos, and interactive resources, has set out on a mission to equip readers across the nation with the knowledge necessary for maintaining a healthy liver. editor Ajith Kumar emphasised the importance of proactive initiatives like the Liver Day Campaign, stating, “At, we understand the urgency surrounding liver health concerns and the pivotal role awareness plays in prevention. As the English website of India’s largest news network, it is our responsibility to educate people about this, and to do our bit in fostering better lifestyles for our readers”.

World Liver Day 2024 special coverage on News9Live included topics such as:

·    8 ways to cleanse your liver

·    An interview with Dr Rajiv Lochan J of Manipal Hospital on the spike in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease among India’s youth

·    Experts’ advice on immunology and liver transplantation

·    9 factors that cause non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases

·    The most common signs of liver damage

·    The top 8 foods for a healthy liver

·    The emergence of tobacco as a threat to Gen Z liver health

·     The 10 warning signs of a damaged liver