IPRS marks 54th anniversary with launch of “IPRS Learn & Earn – Indie Edition”

IPRS marks 54th anniversary with launch of “IPRS Learn & Earn – Indie Edition”

The initiative is not just about copyright protection but also about shaping the future of music.

IPRS Learn & Earn – Indie Edition

Mumbai: The Indian Performing Right Society (IPRS) is delighted to announce the launch of the IPRS Learn & Earn – the Indie Edition on 23 August. Building upon the success of the previous IPRS knowledge series 'Learn And Earn,' which gained remarkable momentum among IPRS members nationwide last year, this year's initiative aims to take the program to new heights. Designed to engage budding creators and independent artists, the event's launch on IPRS's anniversary day holds special significance.

Expanding from its role as a copyright society, IPRS is dedicated to nurturing and promoting fresh talent. The objective of the IPRS Learn & Earn – the Indie Edition is to empower budding musicians by offering them an exclusive avenue to interact with industry experts and established creators. Through this event, IPRS reaffirms its commitment to fostering emerging talent, facilitating the growth of music creators, and advocating for essential causes within the music community.

The initiative is not just about copyright protection; it's also about shaping the future of music. The event is a testament to IPRS's pivotal role in uniting music creators, industry pioneers, and stakeholders. This dynamic platform strengthens the music community while highlighting IPRS's contribution to promoting creativity, growth, and positive transformation.

The event's diverse line-up includes knowledge sessions tailored for independent artists, covering the Art of Songwriting, Establishing a Career as an Independent Artist, and Managing Rights as a Creator. Moreover, the event will feature a Creators Showcase & Music Listening session, providing emerging talents the opportunity to present their original works directly to influential A&R representatives and industry experts.

Event Details

Learn & Earn – Connecting New Age Creators

Date: 23rd August

Time: 3 pm - 7 pm

Location: Versova SOCIAL, Mumbai

This event offers an unparalleled chance for creators at all stages of their journey to be part of something truly extraordinary. Whether an aspiring musician eager to forge a successful music career or an experienced creator seeking fresh insights, this event is tailor-made to elevate their musical journey and equip them with invaluable knowledge.

Event Highlight

Crafting Melodies and Words - The Art of Songwriting: Led by singer-songwriter producer Shashaa Tirupati and renowned lyricist and screenwriter Mayur Puri, this workshop is a deep dive into the heart of songwriting. Participants will explore the intricate interplay between melodies and lyrics, mastering the art of music production that resonates with the audiences.

Mastering The Indie Music Scene by Leslie Lewis: New-age creators get an opportunity to join music maestro Leslie Lewis to unlock the secrets of thriving as an independent musician and gain invaluable advice, proven strategies, collaboration insights, and a dose of inspiration to flourish in the competitive music landscape.

Managing rights as a creator: The session is designed to arm the artists and songwriters with the knowledge needed to safeguard their creations, ensuring they receive the recognition, credit, and value they deserve.

Creator showcase & networking: The event will offer a platform for budding talent to present their original compositions to influential A&R representatives and forge connections with fellow musicians, leading creators, and industry experts, laying the foundation for future collaborations and opportunities.

IPRS CEO Rakesh Nigam commented on the event stating, "As we assemble under one roof on August 23rd, we’re not only commemorating a milestone; we’re celebrating the spirit of innovation and transformation that defines IPRS. As the music industry evolves, IPRS continues to lead this change, steadfast in creating a dynamic and inclusive community for music creators. With a focus on education, collaboration, and empowerment, IPRS reaffirms its role as a driving force behind the success of creators in the ever-evolving landscape of the Indian music industry. I take this opportunity to thank all distinguished guests, mentors, and our panel of experts, without whose wholehearted support this event wouldn’t have been possible.”