BIG FM’s ‘BIG Indiagram 3.0’ celebrates India's heritage with virtual Jhankis this Republic Day

BIG FM’s ‘BIG Indiagram 3.0’ celebrates India's heritage with virtual Jhankis this Republic Day

BIG FM's initiative promotes #MeraWalaBharat, blending tech and One India My India ethos.


Mumbai: Every year on 26 January, India comes together to celebrate its unwavering commitment to democracy and the establishment of citizens’ rights. Marking 75 years of our constitution coming into effect, BIG FM, one of the country’s leading radio networks, has introduced 'BIG Indiagram 3.0' - an innovative initiative showcasing the creation of virtual Jhankis of India’. This Republic Day, the campaign’s core thought is to use artificial intelligence (AI) to connect with the audience and promote the idea of cultural unity. Through this initiative, BIG FM invites people nationwide to express their creativity and love for the country using modern technology, highlighting its fast-paced advancements.

BIG Indiagram 3.0 also highlights the significance of #MeraWalaBharat, promoting the idea ‘One India My India’ evoking a primary goal to foster deeper connections with the country’s royal heritage. With its creative concept, users can now upload personal photos on the official website - - utilising AI algorithms to dynamically generate collages that seamlessly integrate their images with selected pride points. Making the campaign more interactive, users can also participate in quizzes and appreciate each other's Jhankis by casting their votes and ranking them.

Commenting on the initiative, BIG FM COO Sunil Kumaran said, “As we connect with audiences nationwide through our distinctive BIG Indiagram 3.0 initiative, we aim to amplify cultural narratives, instilling pride and celebrating the multitude of expressions that collectively make our country incredible. In this digital age, it is important to use technology to bridge traditions with innovations and we stand firm in our commitment to ensuring that the heartbeat of India's diverse heritage resonates strongly for generations to come.”

BIG FM will felicitate five winners who have represented different regions and showcased their creative visions as full-scale Jhankis. Taking the excitement a notch higher, winners will be announced at the Northern Command - Indian Army headquarters in Delhi. Furthermore, an exhibition will also be displayed with montage pictures of all the Jhankis from participants across the country as a token of appreciation.

So, this Republic Day, bring your artistic flair to life!