Indian Gaming League (IGL) in partnership with Bingo! Nachos announces Gameon Cup 2023

Indian Gaming League (IGL) in partnership with Bingo! Nachos announces Gameon Cup 2023

A spectacular online gaming tournament with an 11 lakh prize pool


Mumbai: Indian Gaming League, one of India's leading organizations in the gaming sector, in collaboration with ITC Bingo! Nachos, has launched Gameon Cup 2023, an exciting gaming tournament set to captivate the nation's gaming community. This gaming extravaganza will feature a range of popular titles, including BGMI, Free Fire Max, New State, Call of Duty Mobile, and comes with an impressive prize pool of 11 lakhs (approximately $13,000).

In the last two years, esports has gained immense popularity in India. A burgeoning youth population, tech-savviness, and increasing internet accessibility have contributed to the growth of esports. Bingo!, a fun and youth-oriented brand, has always been at the forefront of promoting gaming and esports events and campaigns while providing a seamless snacking experience to its young target audience. Through Bingo Nachos! Gameon Cup, the brand aims to foster a sense of camaraderie with a dynamic and enthusiastic gaming community, reinforcing Bingo's commitment to fun and shared experiences.

The tournament will span over 60 days and will kick off with an open format starting on 9th November providing both amateur players and teams an opportunity to display their gaming prowess and compete at a professional level. Winners from the initial stage will earn the privilege of participating in the invitational section, where they will go head-to-head with some of the top professional gamers in the country. The tournament aims to showcase not only fierce competition among players but also offers significant opportunities for recognition and advancement within the gaming fraternity.

ITC Foods,  VP & head of marketing, Snacks, Noodles, and Pasta Suresh Chand said, "We are thrilled to launch the Bingo! Nachos Gameon Cup in association with IGL. This initiative will provide a platform for all e-gaming enthusiasts to showcase their skills while having a fun-filled experience with Bingo! Nachos. As a brand with a young TG, our partnership with IGL seamlessly aligns with our brand's ethos, and we eagerly await the exciting gameplay it will bring."

IGL Indian Gaming CEO Yash Pariani shared his thoughts on the upcoming tournament, saying, "We are delighted to partner with ITC Bingo! Nachos for this thrilling event. It is an extraordinary opportunity for amateur gamers to showcase their talents on a national stage and elevate their gaming journey. This tournament aims to unite gaming enthusiasts from all corners of the country, where participants can anticipate an unparalleled gaming experience, featuring top-notch production values and exhilarating gameplay."

IGL Indian Gaming Chief Business Officer Nidhish Jain said, "The ITC Bingo! Nachos and IGL Indian Gaming partnership is more than just business; it is a statement of brand relevance in the modern digital age, an embrace of youthful passion, and an investment in the unity and excitement that gaming brings. Considering India is a largely youth-centric country, and gaming is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years, this partnership highlights the importance of this medium for brands to connect with the dynamic, vibrant, youth-centric community for mutual growth."