Honor of Kings is the world's most-played mobile MOBA with 100 million daily players

Honor of Kings is the world's most-played mobile MOBA with 100 million daily players

Honor of Kings will be part of the Esports World Cup in Riyadh


Mumbai: As per the recent development, Honor of Kings, one of the world's highest-grossing and most popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games will potentially be launched soon in India as part of its phased global release.

The official Instagram handle of Clash of Titans (which is the Indian version of Arena of Valor - the international adaption of Honor of Kings), published by Actoz Singapore, has been rebranded as Honor of Kings India and has posted this announcement on their page.



Here are some key information and statistics about the game:

- Honor of Kings is the world's most-played mobile MOBA with 100 million daily players.

- Honor of Kings will be part of the Esports World Cup in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with a $3 million prize pool to 12 competing teams.

- Sensor Tower store intelligence data shows that in February 2024, Tencent’s “Honor of Kings” attracted US$248 million in the global App Store and Google Play, ranking first in the global mobile game best-selling list.

- Esports serves as a central strategy for Honor of Kings with the game's developers organizing tailored local and global tournaments across various regions with lucrative prize pools.

In regards to the potential launch of one of the biggest MOBA games in the world in India, please find below the reactions of the Esports industry stakeholders:

8Bit Creatives and co-founder of S8UL  founder & CEO Animesh Agarwal:

"The release of Honor of Kings in India can be a game-changer for the country’s mobile gaming market. With its massive player base and global popularity, the game's potential entry into India will attract a new segment of players and drive growth within the MOBA gaming community. The entire industry is anticipating the game's official launch."

Esports Federation of India director &  Asian Esports Federation (AESF) vice president Lokesh Suji:

"The introduction of Honor of Kings to the Indian video gaming landscape can play a crucial role in catalyzing the growth of Esports in our nation. With the game well renowned for placing a strong emphasis on Esports tournaments with lucrative prize pools, we anticipate a surge in competitive gaming in the country. Its release will also elevate the competition within the MOBA genre in India which will contribute to creating a sustainable Esports ecosystem based on multiple games. We are eager to witness the positive impact of the game on the country’s Esports community."

Mrinmoy Lakhar a.k.a. 8Bit_Beg4Mercy, a prominent gamer of S8UL:

"Honor of Kings marking its official launch in India will provide our Esports players with the opportunity to enhance their gameplay by competing against their international counterparts. With the game having laid out a well-structured roadmap for other regions, we hope that the Indian market will be prioritized in a similar fashion to grant our players ample opportunities to showcase their skills. Concurrently, gaming creators will find a fresh canvas in Honor of Kings. By curating unique content, creators will be able to cater to the game’s passionate audience and expand the reach of gaming in the nation."

Rohit Agarwal, founder & director, Alpha Zegus, the next-gen marketing agency specializing in the domains of gaming & lifestyle:

"One of the biggest mobile MOBA games ever, Honor of Kings very recently made its entry into the (MENA) region, and its entry in India is going to be very warmly welcomed, considering India loves MOBA. It's going to go head-on with the likes of BGMI, which is currently the biggest MOBA game in India, and that would be quite interesting to watch. But I'm glad that the players as well as the audience will have more MOBA titles to try apart from BGMI, and if all goes well, our country might be represented at the Riyadh Esports World Cup. Fingers crossed that there are no pushbacks from the government on any compliances."