US to launch new cyber security agency after Sony hacks

US to launch new cyber security agency after Sony hacks

MUMBAI: In the wake of the Sony Pictures Entertainment cyber hacks that took place last year, the US government is forming a new agency to monitor cyber security threats, pooling and analyzing information on a spectrum of risks.


The Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center (CTIIC) will act as a central place to coordinate cyber threat intelligence from the FBI, the National Security Agency, the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies.


Quoting a government official on condition of anonymity, a Forbes media report said that the new agency will be called Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center (CTIIC), which will ‘connect the dots’ between various cyber threats to the nation so that relevant departments and agencies are aware of these threats in as close to real time as possible.


US president Barrack Obama gave utmost priority to cybersecurity after the recent hacking attacks against Sony Pictures as well as the federal government.


The White House counterterrorism coordinator, Lisa Monaco said that cyber threats to national and economic security are increasing in sophistication, scale, severity of impact. As of now, no single government agency is responsible for coordinating cyber threat assessments, sharing information among existing agencies, and providing timely intelligence to policy makers.


"The cyberthreat is one of the greatest threats we face, and policymakers and operators will benefit from having a rapid source of intelligence. It will help ensure that we have the same integrated, all-tools approach to the cyberthreat that we have developed to combat terrorism," Monaco told The Post.