Comscore data: Moneycontrol races ahead on key parameters

Comscore data: Moneycontrol races ahead on key parameters

Moneycontrol has garnered 28.32 million unique views in January


Mumbai: As per the Comscore data released for January, Moneycontrol has remained the market leader with its total page views crossing 420 million and the time spent touching an all-time of 667 million minutes.

Its nearest competitor, however, is struggling to catch up. It has managed to garner just 213 million page views in January. Whereas its time spent just remained at 223 million minutes.

In terms of page views, the competitor is almost half the size of Moneycontrol and when it comes to Time spent, an important metric for content stickiness, it is just one-third the size of Moneycontrol. Both these parameters are paramount for media planners and advertisers who always choose platforms with better stickiness. It also showcases the reader’s trust, who’s consuming almost triple the amount of content of Moneycontrol as compared to the competitor.

In terms of breaking important business stories too, Moneycontrol has been leading the race.  The business news platform has been the preferred choice of industry leaders from corporate India, the startup world and the stock markets.  

MC Pro, the paid subscription-based service of Moneycontrol has touched almost seven lakh paying subscribers. Whereas ET Prime is lagging by a huge margin in this aspect too.