Budweiser at VH1 Supersonic: A festival highlight

Budweiser at VH1 Supersonic: A festival highlight

The ninth edition wows with high-octane performances, VIP lounge, burger wars, and more.


Mumbai: Budweiser amped up the beats at Vh1 Supersonic’24 with a celebration of music, art and culture – elevating the music scene in India. The brand curated high-octane acts from electrifying performances at the BUDX Spectrum Stage to immersive experiences at the Brew District, complemented by lip-smacking gourmet burgers.

This edition of India’s biggest homegrown festival witnessed some of the best artists from around the world owning the BUDX Spectrum stage, including Adam Beyer, Yotto, Ben Sims, Denis Horvat, Patrice Baumel, Victor Ruiz, Undercatt, Kohra, Arjun Vagale, Ankytrixx, and Browncoat.

The BUDX Spectrum stage also played host to three exceptional BUDX Uncovered Acts – building on Budweiser’s aim to spotlight and provide a platform to breakout artists from across the country. The stage featured the distinctive sounds of Bangalore-based music producer and DJ Weird Sounding Dude, the mastery of New-Delhi-based producer Zequenx, and captivating beats from Bangalore-based DJ and producer Tasnneem - crafting unforgettable moments that lingered in the air long after the music faded.

BUDX Uncovered Acts

Beyond music, the brand also curated immersive experiences for festival attendees to re-energize them in between sets. Budweiser's 'Brew District' treated festivalgoers to a playground of fun activities with its tattoo and hairstyling stations. Indelible spaces were especially curated for festival goers to savour exceptional brews and immerse themselves in the pulsating beats of the festival – showcased across four signature bars – Beats Bar, Magnum Cocktail Bar, Magnum Beer Bar and Spectrum Stage Bar. The Magnum Cocktail Bar emerged as the standout favourite, courtesy its ingenious crossover cocktails. The bar’s experimental concoctions including Mermalade by Bhavya Ramesh, Tribemama's Vintage Goddess and kickstarter by Vijay Singh infused an extra layer of taste. Budweiser Magnum Double Barrel Whiskey took center stage, captivating audiences with an exclusive VIP lounge that offered a peerless view of the BUDX Spectrum Stage.

Pairing beer with its perfect companion, Budweiser’s marquee property ‘Bud and Burgers’ emerged as a culinary showdown. Budweiser rolled out the ultimate snacking station in collaboration with esteemed chefs – culinary instructor Chef Delzad and Goa’s favorite Chef Geoff. The chefs battled it out to curate a selection of burger/s to perfectly complement the smoothness of Budweiser beer. Indulging in the ultimate ‘Burger Wars’, attendees cast their votes and declared chef Geoff’s burgers as the 'King of Burgers’.