Biryani in Mumbai gets a 360 degree makeover

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By Papri Das

What can possibly motivate a London based musician with a popular album to his name to to start an e-commerce business out of an animated video made for fun? Pat comes the reply - ?The eclectic taste of Biriyani.? Meet Biryani 360 CEO and founder Shayan Italia, who recently started this delivery-only startup.

?One day, I was fooling around with an animation software and created the video ?Biryani360 ? How It All Began.? It was quite a hit with people, which led me to consider exploring making Biryani360 a reality. The problem was that I had no experience in food and neither did I cook! So I went on the biryani hunt of a lifetime, sampling different varieties from across india. What came from this was a light, refreshing and incredibly flavourful dish that is unlike anything out there in the marketplace,? says Italia.

So what makes Biriyani360 different and better than the many popular choices we have at hand already? ?Biryani360 is not your typical biryani. It is an original recipe created from scratch in 45 minutes flat using the latest technologies and preparation recipes in food. There are no preservatives, no colouring agents or anything artificial in our biryani,? Italia assures.

With its people friendly website and application, online orders too can be done in a jiffy. ?Customers can place an order through our website ? and can choose to pay online or through cash-on-delivery. Thirty-one days down the line, over 90 per cent of our customers order online. This is a good start for us, and we are hoping that this trend only picks up more speed.?

Italia doesn?t indulge in the popular belief that Biriyani tastes best the next day, and so the meat in Biriyani360 is not marinated over a day. ?We?ve taken advice from the best nutritionists the world over to create something truly special. Apart from combining three unique grains of rice to reduce the carbohydrates and make it more digestible, we used BlueFlame technology that allows us to cook our meat perfectly in merely 20 minutes yielding the same results as marinating it over 72-96 hours.? 

The folks at Biriyani 360 not only take pride in their unique cooking methods, but in their packaging as well. A delicious portion from Biriyani360 comes in efficiently created boxes of quirky colours of green and red, to denote ?Veg? and ?Un-Veg (their version of Non-Veg)? orders, along with a lip-smacking side-yogurt made out of imported curd.

With quality in affordability being its USP, this month-old venture has managed to garner many patrons, and also received good reviews in online rating portals like Zomato and Burrp.

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