Dish TV partners with Mogi IO for image optimisation solution

Dish TV partners with Mogi IO for image optimisation solution

The partnership enables Watcho users to have a buffer-free experience.

Dish TV

Mumbai: DishTV has joined hands with Mogi IO to deliver to its customers highly optimised image quality that enables faster website download speeds. The cooperation between the two entertainment solution providers will help with superior user engagement and better economics of scale, said the statement.

The partnership between DishTV and Mogi Solutions will optimise the images by 80 per cent implying an 80 per cent reduction in bandwidth usage and data transfer cost. This results in reducing the bounce rate and increasing the footfall of the website. Faster downloads will ensure customer satisfaction and improved monetisation.

“It is a very prestigious tie-up for us when one of the leading media brands, DishTV joins hands for our solution. This proves the scalability of our solutions and demonstrates to the market our technology strength,” said Mogi IO co-founder and chief executive officer Vikrant Khanna.

“Faster website download speeds would result in enhanced SEO ranking on Google algorithms. Organic ranking is good for organic footfalls, thus making a great economical breakthrough," he added.

The pandemic has bolstered content consumption. Millennial and Gen Z consumers are drivers of this consumption and prefer to consume online videos. Globally, the trend is similar with video consumption constituting 80 per cent of internet traffic. At the same time, the global content distribution network (CDN) infrastructure, on which content streaming happens, is falling short of the demand.

Mogi’s has built a patented streaming engine that uses a multi-CDN technology to ensure a buffer-free experience that leads to faster content delivery. It also creates automatic redundancies in case of CDN failures so that the viewer experience remains seamless.

"Following the pandemic, we witnessed an upsurge in visitors to our website. Dish TV is a mass brand and has customers spread across all town classes and uses various devices. Network speeds also vary across the country. Keeping this in mind, we decided to get Mogi IO’s help to make our website more accessible and optimized for this set of customers, by implementing their image optimisation services,” said Dish TV India head of marketing for DishTV and Watcho Sukhpreet Singh. “We are hopeful this will help us improve our customers' digital experiences, which is something that DishTV as a brand is always striving for.”