Discovery Gardens in Dubai issued warning to remove dishes & TV antennas

Discovery Gardens in Dubai issued warning to remove dishes & TV antennas


MUMBAI: The residents of Discovery Gardens in Dubai have been warned that the satellite dishes or antennas outside the roofs and balconies are expected to be removed, according to a report in Emirates 24\7 News which adds the violators of the issue will be made liable to vandalism charges.

Nakheel Facilities and Owners Association Management has placed notices in the community comprised of over 20,000 residential apartments saying satellite dishes need to be removed by 10 March 2016.

According to the notice, “During our inspection we have noticed that there are satellite dishes/ antennae installed on the external façade/balcony/roof of some buildings. Hence, we would like to remind all residents in Discovery Gardens that such practice is deemed illegal”.

Under Section 6.2 of the Community Use Rules, the users must maintain at all times the exterior appearance of their properties in a manner which befits the overall standards of development contained within the master community to the reasonable satisfaction of the managing agent, it is stated.

The notice also mentions restriction includes installation of satellite dishes on or over the balconies/roof tops exposed to public view that materially alters the appearance and integrity of the building.

Furthermore, Section 7.1.2 states that community users must not make any modifications affecting the appearance of the exterior of any property, including but not limited to balconies, awnings, canopies, sunshades, front and rear fencing, air conditioning units and related equipment, fans, screens, gutters, storm doors, satellite dishes, external radio or TV antenna and enclosures of any kind, painting of the exterior, permanent decorations (excluding holiday decorations) or any other changes, “without the prior written approval of the Managing Agent and relevant authorities (including the Civil Engineering Department and Environment Health and Safety Departments of the Ports and Customs and Free Zone).”

“If you fail to comply within the stipulated timing, satellite dishes will be removed at the owners’ cost, with the involvement of the local authorities, Trakhees and/or Dubai Police, if necessary,” the notice states.

It goes on to advise residents that du, the telecom service provider, reserves the right to provide satellite service and other telecom services in Discovery Gardens.

The main reasons for residents opting for satellite dish antennas is that they are cheaper than the official TV packages within the country. A Dish TV package, beamed through a satellite dish antenna, costs between Rs 2,500 to Rs 3,000 (Dh 200 to Dh 240) for a year, with a bouquet of Indian channels on offer, compared to Dh 120 a month for basic Hindi channel package.