Esports athletes receive official approval from ministry of youth affairs and sports for the Asian Games 2022

Esports athletes receive official approval from ministry of youth affairs and sports for the Asian Games 2022

MYAS greenlights 15-member Esports team for Asian Games 2022


Mumbai: In a groundbreaking achievement for Indian Esports, the ministry of youth affairs and sports (MYAS) has officially approved the 15-member Esports contingent that will be participating in the Asian Games 2022 alongside other sports (letter attached).

Esports is going to make its debut at the Asian Games 2022 as a proper medal event, earlier in 2018 it was there as a demonstration title. Initially scheduled for September last year, the tournament will now be held from 23 September to 8 October 2023. This multi-nation event will cement the industry mark into a mainstream sports scene.

Commenting on the Esports getting the official stamp of approval from the MYAS, please find below the quote on behalf of the Asian Esports Federation (AESF) director, Esports Federation of India & vice president of Lokesh Suji,

"Witnessing our Esports team receive the official endorsement from the ministry of

youth affairs and sports is a moment that fulfils the dreams of everyone involved in the Esports movement in India. This recognition goes beyond just the 15 team members participating in the Asian Games 2022; it encompasses the entire Esports community in the country. Our community has relentlessly worked towards gaining acknowledgement for their dedication and the sport itself.

The ESFI has consistently emphasised treating Esports players as athletes, and seeing our efforts yield results brings us immeasurable joy. The boundary that once separated Esports athletes from traditional sports athletes has now disappeared, ensuring they are treated equally in terms of support and recognition.

We want to express our deep gratitude to the ministry of youth affairs and sports and the Indian Olympic Association for their dedication and their open embrace of the growth of Esports as a legitimate sport. With our sights set on the Asian Games 2022, we hold unwavering confidence that our immensely talented athletes will raise the profile of Indian Esports on the international stage, filling our nation with pride."

India will be participating in four of the seven total titles at the Asian Games 2022: DOTA Two, FIFA Online Four, League of Legends, and Street Fighter V: Champion edition.

The 15-member Indian contingent is as follows:

FIFA Online four - Charanjot Singh and Karman Singh

Street Fighter V: Champion edition - Mayank Prajapati and Ayan Biswas

League of Legends - Akshaj Shenoy (captain), Samarth Arvind Trivedi, Mihir Ranjan, Aditya Selvaraj, Aakash Shandilya, and Sanindhya Malik

DOTA Two – Darshan Bata (captain), Krish Gupta, Abhishek Yadav, Ketan Goyal, and Shubham Goli

In the recently concluded seeding event for Asian Games 2022, FIFA star Charanjot Singh showcased his domination to secure the top spot in South Asia whereas Karman Singh clinched fifth place.

India’s League of Legends team also secured favourable seeding by going unbeaten against Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan at their LAN seeding event in Macau, while the nation’s DOTA Two team came second in their seeding group, finishing in the top eight in the overall event that was conducted online.

The country’s ace Street Fighter V athletes Ayan Biswas and Mayank Prajapati secured fifth and sixth place respectively in their seeding event.