Q3-16: Comcast Cable Communications division video numbers improve

Q3-16: Comcast Cable Communications division video numbers improve

Comcast Cable

BENGALURU: Comcast Corporation’s (Comcast) Cable Communications division (Comcast Cable, Cable) reported 8.8 percent increase in video revenue for the quarter ended 30 September 2016 (Q3-16, current quarter) as compared to the corresponding year ago quarter. The division reported video revenue at $5,591 million for Q3-16 as compared to $5,348 million in Q3-15.

Overall, Cable Communications revenue which includes revenues from video, high speed internet, voice, business services, advertising and ‘other’ segments increased 6.9 percent y-o-y in Q3-16. The growth in revenue was driven by increase in high speed internet, business services and video revenues.

Cable Communications reported revenue of $12,557 million in the current quarter while it was $11,751 million in Q3-15. Video revenue is the major contributor to Comcast’s Cable Communications segment, followed by high speed internet. Operating Cash Flow (OCF) from Comcast Cable Communications increased 5.5 percent y-o-y in the current quarter to $4,986 million from $4,726 million.

Cable Communications Business Services revenue stream had the highest year-over-year (y-o-y) growth in Q3-16 among all the other streams at 15.5 percent (grew to $1,399 million from $1,211 million).  High speed internet revenue grew 8.8 percent y-o-y in Q3-16 to $3,405 million from $3,129 million.

Overall, Comcast consolidated revenue also increased 14.2 percent y-o-y to $21,319 million in the current quarter as compared to $18,669 million. Q3-16 revenue includes $1.6 billion of revenue generated by the broadcast of the 2016 Rio Olympics, of which $1.2 billion was related to advertising revenue says Comcast. Excluding the Olympics, consolidated revenue increased 5.5 percent. Consolidated operating income increased 11 percent y-o-y in Q3-16 to $4,440 million from $4,001 million.

Cable Communications segment subscription numbers

Overall, Comcast Cable Communications reported a q-o-q (quarter-over quarter) addition of 216,000 customer relationships to 28.301 million in Q3-16. During the corresponding year ago quarter, customer relationships were 27.421 million with net additions of 166,000.

Comcast Cable Communications closed the current quarter with 24.316 million video customers, an increase of 32,000 video customers from the immediate trailing quarter. High Speed Internet customers increased by 320,000 to 24.316 million, while Voice customers increased by 2,000 to 11.6413 million in the current quarter vis-a-vis the immediate trailing quarter.

In Q3-16, single play customers increased by 72,000 to 8.488 million, double play customers increased by 141,000 to 9.54 million, triple play customers increased by 4,000 to 10.273 million as compared to the immediate trailing quarter.

NBCUniversal (NBCU)

NBCUniversal (NBCU) revenue increased 28.3 percent in Q3-16 to $9,178 million from $7,151 million in Q3-15. Revenue for NBCUniversal increased 22.5 percent, primarily driven by 2016 Rio Olympics revenue of $1.6 billion included in the Broadcast Television and Cable Networks segments.

Cable Networks revenue in Q3-16 grew to $2,942 million from $2,412 million; Broadcast Television revenue increased 56.6 percent y-o-y to $3,087 million from $1,971 million; Theme Parks revenue increased 60.7 percent y-o-y to $1,440 million from $896 million.

The segment saw 31.4 percent y-o-y increase in operating cash flow or OCF in Q3-16 at $2,146 million as compared to $1,633 million. OCF from Filmed Entertainment segment declined 6.1 percent) in Q3-16 to $353 million from $376 million.   OCF from Cable Networks in Q2-16 increased 7 percent y-o-y to $893 million from $835 million in Q3-15. OCF from Theme Parks increased 62.7 percent to $706 million from $434 million.

Company speak

Comcast chairman and CEO Brian L. Roberts said, " “I’m pleased to report that our businesses generated double digit revenue and operating cash flow growth for the third quarter of 2016. Cable delivered solid operating cash flow growth coupled with great customer metrics, and has now added 170,000 video subscribers over the past twelve months. The Rio Olympics were the most profitable and successful games in our history, and demonstrated our ability to deliver an unparalleled entertainment experience through NBCUniversal together with Comcast Cable and the X1 platform. NBCUniversal reported operating cash flow growth of over 30%, benefitting from the Olympics, continued growth at our Theme Parks, and the theatrical success of The Secret Life of Pets this quarter. I’m proud of our consistent execution and excited about the opportunities ahead for Comcast NBCUniversal.”