GTPL Hathway announces partnership with Aprecomm

GTPL Hathway announces partnership with Aprecomm

GTPL has invested in Aprecomm’s AI engine to optimise residential Wi-Fi connections.

GTPL Hathway

Mumbai: Cable TV distribution and broadband service provider GTPL Hathway Ltd on Monday announced the investment in innovative technology to remotely optimise its residential Wi-Fi connections through a partnership with Aprecomm.

The technology will help GTPL bring down the customer issue resolution time and enhance customer experience on its network of 700K+ connected broadband households. Aprecomm’s AI engine allows GTPL to convert its household connections to AI-enabled smart Wi-Fi access points. Additionally, the technology offers proactive monitoring and measuring of the wireless experience of the connected devices and provides real-time insights to improve the reliability and performance of the network, said the statement.

“GTPL believes in continuous investments in technology to keep innovating and enhance the consumers’ delight,” said GTPL Hathway managing director Anirudhsinh Jadeja. “The partnership with Aprecomm will aid us in our efforts to ensure the best experience for our broadband consumers with a faster and proactive resolution of potential issues.”

“We are delighted to collaborate with GTPL and bring the latest technology into their network which can assist them with up to 50 per cent reduction in customer support handling time and phenomenal improvement to the customer experience,” said Aprecomm CEO Pramod Gummaraj. “We are looking forward to bringing more innovation in the Network Automation in the coming months.”

The measurable improvements offered by the integration between GTPL and Aprecomm also lead to lower maintenance costs and improved customer satisfaction for the internet service provider.

“With Aprecomm’s vendor-agnostic technology, GTPL is now able to manage and monitor ONUs through a unified interface, ensuring assured internet experience to their customers,” said Aprecomm CTO Guharajan Sivakumar.

“We have already started deploying this technology and could measure the customer experience with ease and take proactive actions to improve it,” stated GTPL Hathway CTO Prasad V. “Aprecomm’s technology immensely helps us to achieve network automation.”