Q1-2014 results of Raj TV show PAT growth of 45.3 per cent over Q1-2013


BENGALURU: Unaudited Q1-2014 results for Raj Television Network Limited (Raj TV) showed a 45.3 per cent growth in PAT to Rs 466.57 lakh as compared to the PAT of Rs 321.16 lakh in Q1-2013. Raj TV had reported a meager PAT of Rs 53.28 lakh for Q4-2013 and a PAT of Rs 928.63 lakh during FY-2013.

Let us take a look at Raj TV‘s Q1-2014 results

Increase in income from operations, reduction of expense towards employee benefits and lowered finance costs (as compared to Q4-2013) during Q1-2014 seem to be the major contributors to Raj TV‘s increase in PAT numbers for the quarter (Q1-2014).

Raj TV reported income from operations for Q1-2014 at Rs 1829.23 lakh, a growth of 12.5 per cent over Q1-2013 income from operations of Rs 1626.52 lakh and 4.7 per cent more than the Rs 1746.87 lakh reported for Q4-2013.

Expenses for employee benefits for Q1-2014 at Rs 238.33 lakh were lower by 9.1 per cent as compared to the Rs 262.21 lakh reported for Q1-2013 and substantially lower by 29.1 per cent as compared to the Rs 336.18 lakh expenses towards employee benefits reported for Q4-2013.

Finance costs for Q1-2014 at Rs 83.34 lakh, though higher by 28.22 per cent as compared to the Rs 65 lakh for Q1-2013 were substantially lower by 44.85 per cent when compared to the Rs 151.12 lakh the company paid in Q4-2013, despite an increase in borrowings in Q1-2014 as compared to the figures reported by the company during FY-2013.

Raj TV‘s long term borrowings at Rs 1037.1 lakh increased by 16.2 per cent as compared to the long term borrowings of Rs 892.85 lakh for FY-2013, its short term borrowings also increased by 7.9 per cent to Rs 1490.8 lakh for Q1-2014 from Rs 1382.21 lakh during FY-2013. Its trade payables also increased substantially by 32.1 per cent to Rs 460.19 lakh from the Rs 348.39 lakh for FY-2013.

At the same time, Raj TV‘s trade receivables for Q1-2014 went up by Rs 346.09 lakh to Rs 4625.95 lakh, and were 8.1 per cent more than the trade receivables of Rs 4279.86 lakh for FY-2013.

Overall, the total expenses for Q1-2014 at Rs 1285.03 lakh were seven per cent higher than the Rs 1201.39 lakh in Q1-2013 and 15.61 per cent lower than the Rs 1521.8 lakh reported for Q4-2013.

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