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By Vinod Mirani Posted on : 13 Jun 2014 07:03 pm

MUMBAI: If Fugly is based in Delhi, it can only be attributed to Delhi’s reputation of being lawless where anything works. The film’s title warns you of the challenge lying ahead; if you don’t understand the meaning of the title, you will not understand what is going on thereafter.

Mohit Marwah, Vijender Singh, Arfi Lamba and Kiara Advani are childhood friends who have stuck together through thick and thin. For quite a while you see the gang just hang around and have fun and you have no clue what the film is all about. That is when the makers decide to do something about it. Kiara’s mother supplies some edible stuff to local grocery stores and Kiara helps by delivering it. A local storeowner, the thirkee kind, acts fresh with her and gets a slap in return. He tries to defame her instead. Her three friends decide to teach the man a lesson. First they bash him up in his shop and when he threatens them, they kidnap him. He is dumped in the car bonnet and taken for a rough ride.

The fun ride soon ends when they are stopped by Jimmy Shergill, an unscrupulous and dishonest police man. Vijender makes the mistake of dropping the name of his father, a Delhi minister, which riles Shergill. Shergill finds the shopkeeper in the boot of the car and kills him with an iron road, framing Vijender for the murder. From here starts the extortion and blackmail of the four by Shergill. He makes them get into all illegal work like arranging rave parties to even killing. All this while, Shergill’s right hand man, another cop, keeps vigil on the four to check they are doing as instructed.

Producers: Alka Bhatia, Ashvini Virdi.

Director: Kabir Sadanand.

Cast: Jimmy Shergill, Mohit Marwah, Vijender Singh, Arfi Lamba, Kiara Advani.

This goes on and on as the four friends are shown to be totally helpless and there is nothing to stop Shergill; this is rather too much to digest and the film becomes senseless and boring.

The script is bad with direction being poor; don’t know how a murder can be made to look like a suicide with a bullet in the back! Why do all the cops in all Delhi-based Hindi films have to be Haryanvi? Music is no help either. While Mohit, Virender and Arfi are not cut out to become actors, Kiara is better. Shergill goes overboard. The film is described as comedy but there is no humour except for the toilet kind.

Fugly has nothing to offer and is a poor film on all counts.

‘Chal Bhaag’...Warning?

Chal Bhaag is yet another film based in old Delhi, which builds some sort of story around the triumvirate of youth, politicians-cum-underworld, and police. The theme is overused and fatigued. The film brings together three differently tuned young men together. Initially, the trio has two pitted against one but, when trapped and fighting for their lives, they unite for the sake of their survival.

Deepak Dobariyal is Munna Supari, a razor slashing guy whom the mohalla fears. Varun Mehra rides roughshod; his vocation is to chase the woman, Keeya Khanna, who has caught his fancy and bashing up anybody who tries to mess with her. Tarun Bajaj is a typical bike-riding chain snatcher who makes the mistake of snatching the chain of a police station in-charge’s wife (Yashpal Sharma). The trio is not aware or concerned with the fact that a loudmouthed ex-MLA who is expected to win the forthcoming elections is shot dead and, though there are no eyewitnesses or survivors, miraculously the police decide there were three shooters! (The film is filled with such inconsistencies.)

Producers: Mohammad Zaheer Mehdi, Fatima Zaheer Mehdi, Ali Zaheer Mehdi, Tamkanat Ali Mehdi.

Director: Prakash Balwant Saini. Tarun Bajaj, Sanjay Mishra, Yashpal Sharma, Mukesh Tiwari, Keeya Khanna.

Cast: Deepak Dobariyal, Varun Mehra.

Bajaj is taken into custody for chain snatching as are the other two who follow: Mehra for bashing up two roadside Romeos who dare to make a pass at Keeya and Dobariyal because of his bravado in the process of coming into good books of the local don and his brother, Manish Khanna and Kuwar Aziz. When the don’s three shooters are being picked up by the police, Dobariyal decides to get arrested too to show his loyalty to the don.

The don’s three men have shot the ex-MLA and have been arrested. However, Yashpal is on the don’s take and is asked to free the don’s men. Since money speaks louder, a deal is struck and Yashpal decides to free the don’s men and frame and kill the other three petty criminals his people have rounded up. The three boys are taken to a lonely place and told that they are now free and to run. Mehra knows what is in the offing and guides the other two. As for Yashpal, his gun which was jammed, suddenly goes off and it has killed somebody who is neither any of the three boys nor any of his men. Though expected, that is an interesting turning point which could have been cashed in on in the second half. Alas!

The man killed is the don’s brother and Yashpal pushes the blame for shooting him on the three boys. Now, just about everybody is after the boys to kill them without asking any questions. While the boys are on the run, Keeya helps them and the romance grows between her and Mehra. The chase has gone on for long enough and no sure how to close it, so guys from the Intelligence Bureau are brought in!

The film has a decent idea that needed better scripting. This is a rather piggy-bank-budget film and looks crude. While Dobariyal is okay, Mehra is stiff while Bajaj overacts. The supporting cast of veterans Sanjay Mishra, Yashpal Sharma and Mukesh Tiwari make the film somewhat watchable. Direction is average. Musically, Teri maujudgi.... is hummable. Other aspects are okay.

Chal Bhaag has no hope of lasting through the weekend.

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