Brands need to get inspired, innovate & then transform: Kendrick Reid

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By Team Posted on : 29 May 2014 06:20 pm

MUMBAI: “How often have you asked yourself, who you want to be?” asked BET Networks’ Kendrick Reid to creative minds present at the Mumbai edition of promoaxbda. Reid went ahead to mention that just like human minds need a good dosage of inspiration to innovate and thereby transform, brands too need to take the same route.

The first thing that brands need to keep in mind while rejuvenating its communication strategies is to hit on emotional chords. Only an emotional connect brands can help consumers to be with it at various stages of its transformation. Reid mentioned about how Steve Madden for 12 years didn’t believe in mainstream advertising. When they actually rolled an ad film it fell flat. After much introspection Steve Madden weaved perfect style in its communication. Steve Madden splashed communication messages at strategic locations recently. Interestingly it worked well for the brand in the retail space where the brand needs to captivate its audiences well.

While digital evolution has stormed the television business across the world content consumption has drastically changed. Reid explained how Comdey Central revolutionised its brand identity. Comedy Central wanted to cater to multi screens and revised its marketing outlook. The channel not only changed its look and feel but garnered much more attention of viewers. Another channel that refreshed its creative outlook was VML, a commercial channel in Belgium.

VML involves its target audience in its various communication packages. As the channel targets families at various occasions it is creating strong impressions with every communication that it makes personalised. Reid emphasised on the fact that for marketers the challenge that they have ahead in front of them is to deal with the millennials. Brands need to break free with traditional thought processes if they are targeting the millennials. Reid gave the example Fuse TV which took a risk and started communicating in the lingo that its audiences speak. Along with this the channel also has started integrating content across different platform where the channel has presence. This was welcomed with open arms by the viewers of Fuse TV.

Reid is of the opinion that brands need to be wise even if the collaboration is to target mass audience or a niche set of audience. According to him what Samsung did with the popular music artist JayZ was impressive and one of its kind of music releases in modern culture. Creativity is just about the right time. While brands should keep the TG at the core in its communication strategies, it is necessary that these brands also should think about the cultural influence that it will as in the long run. 

When a brand is ready to reform itself then there is no looking back for it. It will set an example for others in the space irrespective of way it gets inspired, innovate & transforms itself.

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