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Money can?t buy you happiness but it can surely buy the means to keep you happy. And for those with an eclectic taste in lifestyle, happiness often means being able to indulge in their passions. From antique collections, luxury rides, limited editions ranges, to auctions that the world have their eyes on, Exec Lifestyle gives you a sneak peek into the uber lifestyle.

This week, meet the Indian jewellery designer whose work fetched billions in an auction, Chanel?s new premium range of wrist watches, and find out how billionaires get their caffeine fix.

Bling it on:

If you think only international brands like Tiffany, Cartier and Van Cleef fetch billions in auctions for jewels, then you are wrong. Indian jewellery designer Nirav Modi did India proud with his diamond cut piece the Orchid Ainra Necklace at Christie?s Magnificent Jewels Auction and was sold at jaw dropping bid of Rs 13 crore.

The auction held in Hong Kong earlier this week created a buzz amongst bling lovers when the Indian designer made his second entry in the bidding since his debut in 2011. What makes the piece unique is its flawless pear shaped diamonds weighing 10.02 and 2.66 carats, which have been crafted to form an ovate link held together by a delicate metal fastening, making it one of the best design concept we have come across in recent times.

Pop them bottles:

Celebration, extravaganza, and champagne are few words often said in the same breath. Off late, with the appearance of many affordable brands of champagne, the act of popping a bottle of champagne to celebrate something colossal is losing its exclusivity. So what do the A-listers do to cut themselves above the noise? Here?s what? they splurge on The Midas by Armand De Brignac, touted as the most popular champagne brand amongst the rich and the famous.

They are also known for producing the largest bottle of ?Ace of Spades? champagne, and also holds the title of being the most expensive bottle of Champagne to be sold at an auction. The bottle measured 100 pounds in weight and needed the efforts of three men to carry it to the venue for display at the auction. The size was known to be the equivalent of 40 regular-sized bottles. It had to be created by eight artists, who ended up making this golden giant bottle, named after Greek mythological King Midas, who could change anything he touched into gold. The auction happened through an exclusive club in London, called OneforOne Park Lane, where Mr. Johnson placed the winning bid.

The champagne brand?s bottles of Ace of Spades are reportedly a favorite of rap star Jay-Z, and have appeared in several of his music videos. Recently, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban spent $90,000 on these golden bottle of Ace of Spades celebrating its team winning in NBA championship at club LIV at Miami's Fontainebleau. 

For your ?Boyfriend?:

Have you met Chanel?s new Boyfriend? And no we are not talking about the Boyfriend handbag that JLo is so fond of flaunting at red carpets. The French luxury brand recently came out with a new time piece titled ?Boyfriend? aimed as a gift for your metrosexual male friend. It features sharp masculine anecdotes while still maintaining its refined feminine structure. Stylist are happy with its new design as it is perfect to be paired with a casual jeans and T shirt look with a jacket, and will look simply sublime with an evening outfit as well. Part of their premiere Watch line, it comes in 18 gold cases and bezels, with a few studded with brilliant cut diamonds.

Said to hit the stores towards the end of this year, the watch has already garnered a huge female fan following. However, a few metropolitan men may also be eyeing this sharp looking androgynous Boyfriend watch by Chanel.

A billionaire?s caffein fix:

For coffee lovers across the world, a hot cup full of their favorite blend tastes nothing short of elixir. While most of us are satisfied with a Cappuccino or Americano from Starbucks, billionaires have their own special way to get their caffeine fix. For example the Rocket Espresso coffee machine, designed by Ralpha, which has the engravings and tech features to produce the perfect cup of coffee.

As the name suggests, this machine has been made in collaboration with Rocket Espresso Milano, known specialists in this domain, which makes the final product one of the best in the world. The body has been primarily made of steel with the Ralpha H Van silhouette and the Cycle Club logo, as this beverage has been associated with the cyclists over a period of time. Its technical components include the thermo siphon system, which helps in distribution of heat evenly, as well as the copper boiler with lead free brass end plates, which aids the insulation process and doesn?t let heat escape from inside the machine.

The machine also boasts of a Sirai pressure stat, which is known as a source of accurate information, over the machine?s working life. Like most of the designers, this too shall be made in limited quantities of 200 numbered pieces only. To get this machine for yourself, be prepared to shell out $2,430 needed to buy this machine. As an assessment, this product can easily be concluded to be for the person with refined taste and knowledge of the beverage.

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