Five ?must have? mobile apps for Colors CEO Raj Nayak


By Papri Das

With meetings galore and deadlines hovering over almost all corporate executives, the fast paced digital world makes it a lot easier for them to manage their schedule and at the same time keep up with what?s happening around the world.

Executives are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative technologies to keep their lives updated and efficient. With an increased dependency on mobile gadgets, applications that rev up their devices become essential. However, the dilemma lies in choosing the right one from an array of apps that are at our disposal for the same function. As Colors CEO Raj Nayak points out, ?Keeping a tight list of apps for varied purposes is better than having a long list with overlapping functions.?

Nayak shares with Exec Lifestyle, the top mobile apps that are absolutely a must for him.

Twitter and Facebook:

As a media executive, it is essential to stay in tune with the world, and at the same time keep track of what is trending nationally. So naturally the first app that comes to Nayak?s mind is Twitter. It is fast, informative and to the point? something that a person with a thousand agendas a day can appreciate.

Moreover its use varies from person to person. While a college student will sign in for entertainment, for a media executive it?s a powerful tool to reach out to the consumers. Similarly, Facebook, according to Nayak, has evolved from being a contact log of sorts to a window to the world.


?A picture can say a thousand words? and that stands true for Instagram, which is second on the list of apps that Nayak can't do without. While it has its appeal as a professional tool, for Nayak it?s more a personal referendum that helps him keep up with the little nothings in the lives of his friends and family.


This powerful and fairly new app takes citizen journalism to the next level. It basically allows you to see the world from a different perspective and being a media personality, its appeal was not lost on Nayak. Essentially, Periscope is a live streaming app that is available on both Android and iOS platform. While it benefits by allowing us to share visual experience at an alarming speed, it also leaves us vulnerable to many breach of privacy crimes. That being said, Nayak would definitely recommend this app to young media enthusiasts.


Nayak agrees that the Whatsapp app has replaced his ?old school? texting habits and it?s easier to chat, send files and multimedia attachments on the same platform. He especially appreciates the group broadcast feature that allows him to pass on important messages in a jiffy to multiple contacts.

Buzz Feed:

It truly goes by the principle of ?something for everyone? and perfect for those who have less time at hand to go through detailed reports. As per Nayak, what makes it even more efficient is the internal sorting program, which mostly blinks relevant information to you, so that you don't have to weed through the Internet junk.

Apart from these primary apps, Nayak also shares that he subscribes to various news and media house apps. Watch this space for more lists from executives who share the Top five essentials from various categories.

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