Fans? Q&A with Elijah Wood on his India visit


By Papri Das

When Hollywood star Elijah Wood, celebrated for his role as Frodo Baggins in the blockbuster fantasy trilogy Lord of The Rings series, visited Mumbai as part of the DJ duo Wooden Wisdom, the nation?s LOTR fans were taken in a manic frenzy. While the purpose for his visit was the gigs across the country with partners Zack Cowie and DJ Fitz, there was no denying the fact that his image as Frodo Baggins ruled the fanfare around him.

On the eve of his performance in Mumbai, Exec Life reached out to several of his fans in India through social media platforms and asked them to submit questions for the their favourite Hobbit actor. The response was overwhelming. In a matter of an hour, we received inputs from fans with many innovative questions ranging from quirky and funny, to serious and intriguing.

Given the short notice and time constraints, Exec Life heavily curated the questions and entertained only the best with an answer from Elijah Wood.

We approached him with the questions after he finished playing a phenomenal set at the popular watering hole Trilogy in Mumbai along with his partners, while the crowd raved for an encore. Upon hearing the concept for the interview, Wood, who had been playing a set for two hours straight, readily agreed to entertain his fans before he was led away by swarming crowd and photographers.

Wood was impressed with the questions sent by our readers and here?s what he had to say to the questions. Read on to see if your question was answered:

What's on your To-Do List for this India tour?

Chai Chai and lots of Chai. Apart from our gigs, we plan to try the local food. Since we landed at the airport, I have been eyeing the auto rickshaws. I would love to take a ride on those. The top on the priority list is visiting as many old record shops as possible. We (Wooden Wisdom) love music records and we plan to buy as many as we can while we are here.

Do you eat two breakfasts and seven meals a day like the Hobbits do?

No. (chuckles) While I do love my food, I am not a glutton. I prefer to have my measly and comfortable breakfast. Only once a day.

[For the uninitiated, here?s a reference link]

Have you ever had a singing contest with Christopher Lee?

No. Actually, I would have rather not because that man was well versed in music. He would beat me any day. (Pauses) He was a great sport and an even better actor. He taught me a lot and I truly miss him.

Will you ever make a mix with Enya?s music?

I love Enya. I have loved her work in LOTR, most definitely, but I also follow her other works and she amazes me every time I hear her. If given an opportunity, I would love to do a mix with her numbers. As a matter of fact she hails from the same hometown as my partner DJ Fitz, who is with us for the event, and he is also a die hard fan of hers.

Have you tried any Bollywood music?

I am in the process of broadening my views on Bollywood music but right now the 70s Bollywood tracks piques my interest the most. In fact, we played our own version of the tracks tonight and the response was phenomenal. Call me old school but I like Bappi Lahiri?s songs. In fact we got a request for his song tonight and it was an absolute pleasure playing his tracks.There are a few more I can mention, but I have trouble pronouncing the names.

While Exec Life wasn't able to exhaust the list of questions, this is all that Elijah could answer before he was swarmed by the crowd looking get a selfie with him.

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