Busy execs make time for Eid-Ul-Fitr celebrations


 By Papri Das

As the holy month of Ramadan comes to a close, Muslims across the nation wait in anticipation of the moon to break their fast and let loose in the celebratory mood of their biggest festival, Eid-Ul Fitr on the first day of Shawwal.

From offering prayers at the mosque with the family, indulging in the mouth watering feast for Iftaar in the evening to enjoying scanning through the late night street food stalls through the city, Eid brings with itself many reasons to celebrate. And this joyous occasion doesn?t limit itself to just Muslims. People across all faith in India are seen enjoying the national holiday with their Muslim friends through Iftaar parties and get-togethers.

However, if you are working in an industry like media, which doesn?t follow the norms of a 9 am ? 5 pm job, chances are that you celebrate Eid differently than most others. Take producer Gul Khan from 4 Lion Films productions for example. When Exec Lifestyle queried her about her Eid plans, a simple ?I am shooting? answer.

?There was a problem to get the location and thus we need to work through the weekend. I have been shooting without a break for eight days straight. It?s highly likely that I will miss celebrating Eid at home,? adds the producer, who has worked on hit television shows like Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon and Geet, amongst others. Nonetheless, Khan plans to make up for her absence at home by having her family over on the sets.

Walt Disney International India director marketing Mubina Ansari too is away from home on Eid. ?I am in Ladakh right now and most likely I won?t be able to make it home before Eid,? Ansari informs over the phone.

While on a trip to Ladakh with a friend?s family, Ansari had to stay back to look after her friend, who unfortunately fell sick. However, this anomaly from her original plans isn't stopping Ansari from giving Eid her best shot. ?There?s hardly any network here so there?s no chance for a Skype call with my family, but I will make sure to give my family back home a phone call. I also plan to find a local Dargah to pray, while donning the traditional costumes available here,? Ansari shares adding that she can?t wait to go home and try the Kheer and Biryani that her mother makes on Eid.

Those who have been in the industry for long have come to terms with the working hours and have learnt to work their way around it to celebrate festivals. ?When you are in a business and profession like the media, you can only yearn for the carefree ways you celebrated festivals as kids.

Nonetheless, Eid to me is the best time to catch up with all my family members, and even those who you seldom meet over the year,? says Green TV co-founder and managing director Junaid Memon, who is visiting his brother?s new home to celebrate Eid and is also throwing him a housewarming party. When asked about his fondest memories of Eid from childhood, Memon recounts, ?My fondest memory involves renting a cycle with the Eidi money I got as a kid. It was 25 paisa per hour in those days and one had to book it for four hours minimum. Spending one rupee on a cycle ride is something I still cherish and miss.?Memon also shares that for Iftaar he prefers dry fruits to desserts, with the exception being Malpua and the delicious kebabs served during the season.

Kalaignar TV vice president operations Humayun Ali Ahmed also resonates the sentiment that Eid strengthens family bonds and brings the family closer as a unit. ?Every Eid, I traditionally pray together with the family and then share a meal with my extended family as well. I have been holding the fast on and off throughout the month due to health reasons, but I am looking forward to breaking the fast on the last day followed by the Iftaar treat that follows,? he says, before busying himself with the preparations of the day.

On that note, we at Indiantelevision.com wish one and all Eid Mubararak!

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