While My Guitar Gently Reaps


If investing in art is not your scene, try investing in vintage guitars. The symbol of rebellion is now up for grabs. For real guitar fanatics, the stringed instrument is no just their prized possession, but also a smart investment option.

"You-must-be-out-off-your-mind," were the jeers from friends and family when front man and Mumbai based guitar teacher Larry Lopez bought his JACKSONKV_2 (special edition ) in the US, which cost him over Rs 100,000. Among his other collection of guitars, this prized beauty demands attention. "It's such a beauty but is purely an investment. I hardly play it. "The guitar has a silver swirl finish and is a single piece of the finest wood with no joints anywhere."

Another Guitar lover, Fali Damania, a sound engineer who has a sound studio OVER THE TOP, in Bandra, Mumbai, owns a vintage GIBSON LESPAUL GUITAR. Fali bought this guitar for Rs 30,000 (while the original cost is Rs 200,000). "A couple of lakhs spent on vintage guitars is worth the investment," says Damania. Not just this, he has also got 10 other FENDER VINTAGE GUITARS ranging from Rs 25,000 to Rs 70,000 apiece. "At least 60 per cent of the buyers are either music buffs or inspired by those around them," says Fali.

But do guitars make for a smart investment?

"The popularity of the guitar as an investment option, will rise by 30 per cent by next year. The best thing is that the 

prices don't dip after shooting up," says Larry.

Music experts say that the trend has caught on mostly in the past two-three years among people in the age group of 40s and 50s. Explains Delhi based professional Navin, "After they are all settled, they want to hold on to something that will make them feel young."

Now that's what you call a double treat -- a lucrative investment option and also a great anti-aging treatment. What are you waiting for? Can you ask for anything better? "GO GUITAR HUNTING!"

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