Ormax Media, Film Companion to launch ‘O Womaniya!’ report in June

Ormax Media, Film Companion to launch ‘O Womaniya!’ report in June

The report explores female representation in OTT and film industry.

Ormax Media

Mumbai: Media consulting firm Ormax Media and entertainment journalism platform Film Companion have announced the launch of the second edition of their initiative on female representation in the Indian entertainment industry titled ‘O Womaniya!’. The report will be released in June this year.

 The 2022 ‘O Womaniya!' report is supported by the Producers Guild of India, Active Telugu Film Producers Guild, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5, Voot, Hoichoi, and SonyLIV.

Unlike the 2021 report which focused only on films released in 2020, the 2022 edition will also look at the streaming category extensively analysing the major digital-series and direct-to-OTT films, along with theatrical films, released in 2021 across Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam entertainment industries, said the statement.

"The latest edition will also analyse female representation in the boardrooms of the top media and entertainment companies in India, and how the industry can work towards creating a nurturing environment that helps women grow into leadership roles," it added. 

“I believe that cinema can shape the world. Which is why inclusivity and diversity is paramount. 'O Womaniya!' is our attempt to push the needle to move faster,” said Film Companion founder and editor Anupama Chopra. “We hope that data will trigger conversation, which will trigger change. We are happy to collaborate with industry bodies like the Producers Guild of India and Active Telugu Film Producers Guild, and streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, an important part of India’s rapidly evolving creative ecosystem, to take this conversation forward meaningfully. With multiple industry players joining hands with us for the second edition of 'O Womaniya!' we believe we are moving the needle, slowly but significantly on this important subject.”

“With every edition, we want to expand the ambition of this report, such as covering digital series this time,” said Ormax Media founder and CEO Shailesh Kapoor. “But the section of the 2022 report that I’m keenly looking forward to is on the representation of women in the senior management of Indian entertainment companies. These are the decision-makers who have the ability to shape the industry’s future, and hence, the analysis must start from the top.”

The initiative has associated with Sunitha Rangaswami who is an independent consultant and has expertise on the subject of gender and women’s economic empowerment.

“The previous report highlighted how we are missing a trick on promoting gender equality in the Indian Entertainment industry,” said Rangaswami. “I see this report more as a provocation (catalyst) on how each of us can engage in charting new pathways - through small actions and big – to make change possible. And motivate Indian entertainment companies to adopt a whole new gender paradigm in sync with the times we live in. The audience is ready for it…. are we?”

The report will employ various qualitative and quantitative methods including trailer talk time, Bechdel Test, and more to report the findings.

“On the corporate side, the report will ask some hard questions on creating equitable opportunities and a supportive environment, while on the creative side it will take a deep dive into the type of content being created, how women are being profiled in it and how it is being marketed,” said the statement.