Barc Wk’52: News18 India leads the rankings again

Barc Wk’52: News18 India leads the rankings again

News18 India is 23 per cent ahead of Aaj Tak in prime time slot.


Mumbai: News18 stated that it has once again retained its lead position in the Hindi news genre, citing the newly revealed week 52 data from Barc as a source.

The broadcaster maintained a far larger audience than the differential between the viewership rates of the channels at positions two, three, four, and five.

As per the source (Barc; market share percentage for 24 hours, TG: 15+, HSM, Wk 52’22, all days), News18 India surpassed other Hindi news channels with a market share of 15.7 per cent, followed by Aaj Tak at 13.63 per cent, India TV at 13.60 per cent, TV9 Bharatvarsh at 12.9 per cent, and Republic Bharat at 11.6 per cent.

As per Barc’s 1800-2400 hours slot in week 52, News18 India has a 16.3 per cent market share and is followed by TV9 Bharatvarsh and India TV, with 13.7 per cent and 13.6 per cent viewership share, respectively.

Barc numbers also show that News18 India led the competition by far in prime-time (2100-2200 hours) hours as well.

News18 India’s Kishore Ajwani has remained ahead of Aaj Tak’s Sudhir Chaudhary and others, with 17.9 per cent market share, followed by Republic Bharat and India TV, which had 15.9 per cent and 15.7 per cent market shares, respectively, as per the source.

To keep News18 India’s programming and presentation unique and far ahead of the competition, the channel has invested in editorial resources, along with state-of-the art studios and its ground network of reporters. As a result, the News18 India brand has gained significant traction on YouTube as well as on social media platforms.