Star Sports redefines IPL viewing with Indian Sign Language

Star Sports redefines IPL viewing with Indian Sign Language

TATA IPL will be customised for deaf, hard-of-hearing and visually impaired fans.


Mumbai: Star Sports, the official broadcaster of TATA IPL 2024, in association with India Signing Hands (ISH News), and support from the BCCI, is set to revolutionise the cricket viewing experience for the marquee tournament with the introduction of a new Indian sign language feed with descriptive commentary. For the first time, the TATA IPL will be customised for deaf, hard-of-hearing and visually impaired fans. The feed enables fans to fully immerse themselves in the excitement of the game along with their friends and family.

The feed will provide ball-by-ball updates using Indian sign language in consultation with specialists who are being brought on board by India Signing Hands. What makes it even more special is its ability to engage with visually impaired fans with commentators describing every moment of the game along with regular verbal score updates. This feed is truly inclusive which allows the joy of community viewing by breaking barriers that simplify the broadcast without compromising on viewing experience for all.

Video message by Virendra Singh, Captain of the Deaf Cricket Team:



Disney Star head - sports Sanjog Gupta said "Star Sports has always believed in widening access for Cricket and taking it to newer cohorts of fans. Our pioneering foray into regional coverage has reached an unparalleled scale and has defined the modern Cricket broadcast. With this initiative, we seek to address fans who’ve been deprived of the complete Cricket experience. The ‘language’ of commentary takes a new leap in inclusivity with the introduction of Indian Sign Language on Tata IPL 2024 for fans with impaired hearing and descriptive commentary for fans with sight impairment.”

India Signing Hands founder and CEO Alok Kejriwal which has been awarded the National Award 2023 for empowerment of people with disabilities, said, “This feed will allow millions of differently-abled people like me to experience the thrill and excitement of IPL for the very first time in a language that we understand. I was born Deaf, and I always enjoyed watching cricket with my family while growing up. But the experience just wasn’t the same for me as it was for them, since I could not hear the commentary and so, I would miss a lot of nuances. I thank Star Sports for pioneering this initiative at this scale, and I am certain that this collaboration will inspire millions of differently abled people to take interest in sports, while paving the way for a more inclusive and accessible ecosystem.”

The initiative underscores Star Sports’ commitment to make the sport more inclusive and foster a sense of belonging among all cricket enthusiasts.

Watch the new Indian Sign Language feed for Tata IPL 2024 on Star Sports 3 starting 22 March 2024.