TV9 Bharatvarsh launches ‘The PM Factor’ exclusive Prime Time Show

TV9 Bharatvarsh launches ‘The PM Factor’ exclusive Prime Time Show

To be telecast all weekdays, ‘The PM Factor’ will air at 10.20 pm.

Mumbai: True to its reputation and proven track record, India’s most popular and agenda setting Hindi channel that has disrupted the Hindi television news genre, is coming up with a mega show that puts India in the spotlight.

As the world leadership eyes India to lead and show the path in turbulent times in the rest of the world with threat of recession and uncertainty looming large, TV9 Bharatvarsh’s ‘The PM Factor’ will decode the India perspective and showcase what truly makes India the toast of the globe.

From the Indian digital public goods architecture being celebrated all over the world to the ever rising India consumption story, 'The PM Factor’ will outline in the most impactful manner all that is right with the India story today and how it is preparing itself to further bolster its pitch for global ascendancy.

The Show is in line with TV9 Bharatvarsh’s editorial and brand philosophy of putting India first and airing content that is in India’s interest.

The unique show will engage with global heads of states, captains of industry, civil society leaders and technology czars to examine the India story objectively to hold out learning for the world at large. The show will elicit views of global influencers on Prime Minister’s vision for new India.

Elaborating on the show idea and construct, TV9 Bharatvarsh deputy managing editor Paritosh Chaturvedi said, “This is a significant year in view of India’s G20 Presidency. The world is looking at India for leadership across domains and the Show will aggregate views of all these thought leaders and capture their India perspective. We will employ an objective stand on what drives global interest in India and how to leverage it to sustain the momentum.”

 ‘The PM Factor’ will take an objective view of India’s strengths while seeking feedback from all relevant stakeholders on how to not only sustain the momentum but also better the India proposition. It will also look at global best practices for the India story to gain the extra edge.