GameCloud Technologies announces support for Apple Vision Pro

GameCloud Technologies announces support for Apple Vision Pro

GameCloud Technologies excels in XR testing and development via its dedicated division

GameCloud Technologies

Mumbai: In a significant development for the XR industry, GameCloud Technologies Pvt Ltd has announced its support for the Apple Vision Pro, Apple's latest foray into spatial computing. This move marks a pivotal moment in the XR landscape, positioning GameCloud Technologies at the forefront of testing and development for cutting-edge mixed reality applications.

The Apple Vision Pro is a groundbreaking device in the realm of mixed reality, blending AR, VR, and mixed reality (MR) to create an unparalleled user experience. With its advanced capabilities, the Vision Pro is set to revolutionize how users interact with digital content, offering immersive and interactive experiences unlike anything seen before.

The leading XR testing and development company will offer its services for the new mixed-reality headset from Apple

GameCloud Technologies, known for its expertise in XR testing and development through the independent division,, is adding this new device in its existing VR hardware inventory to also provide its customers with access to the Vision Pro headset and its visionOS platform. This strategic move will enable the company to offer a comprehensive suite of services for developers of XR applications and games, ensuring that they can optimize their games and apps for the unique capabilities of Vision Pro.

The company's decision to support the Vision Pro stems from its commitment to staying at the cutting edge of XR technology. By integrating the latest hardware and software advancements into its services, GameCloud Technologies ensures that its customers are always ahead of the curve in delivering engaging and immersive XR experiences.

"We are excited to support the Apple Vision Pro, which we believe is a game-changer for the XR industry. Our customers can rely on us to provide them with the best XR testing and development services, as well as the latest technologies and hardware. We are committed to helping our customers create immersive and engaging XR experiences that leverage the full potential of the Vision Pro and visionOS," said GameCloud Technologies CEO Laxmikant Thipse.

This announcement is more than just a new service offering, it's a testament to GameCloud Technologies' dedication to innovation and excellence in the XR domain. By aligning with Apple's Vision Pro, the company not only expands its capabilities but also reinforces its position as a leader in the rapidly evolving world of XR.

For developers and creators in the XR space, this collaboration presents an exciting opportunity. With GameCloud Technologies' support, they can now explore the vast possibilities of Vision Pro, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in AR, VR, and MR. From gaming to education, entertainment to training, the applications of this technology are virtually limitless.

GameCloud, through, is undertaking the heavy lifting by investing in the latest technologies of this kind. This approach ensures that their customers avoid the capital investment in rapidly depreciating assets and hardware that becomes outdated within a year in today's fast-paced technological environment. Consequently, GameCloud, via, guarantees that customers incur no capital expenditure (CAPEX) and only a negligible operational expenditure (OPEX) by outsourcing to

GameCloud Technologies' support for the Apple Vision Pro is a significant milestone in the XR industry. It paves the way for the creation of more innovative, immersive, and engaging XR experiences, harnessing the power of the latest technologies to transform how we interact with the digital world. As the XR landscape continues to evolve, GameCloud Technologies remains at the forefront, leading the charge in testing and development for the next generation of mixed reality experiences.

The Apple Vision Pro headset, a highly anticipated mixed-reality device, is currently priced at $3,499 in the United States, where it first launched. This price is for the model with 256GB of storage, making it a premium offering in the AR headset market. In comparison, Meta's high-performance Quest Pro VR headset is priced significantly lower, at around $999, while its Quest 3 model is even more affordable, retailing at $499. The Quest 2, another model from Meta, is available for as low as $299. This stark price difference highlights the Apple Vision Pro as a considerably more expensive option in the realm of immersive headsets. Especially for the small teams developing apps and games on VR platforms, this cost is significantly on the higher side.