The List Of Indian TV Serials That Broke Stereotypes

Since the dawn of the television industry, you all must have seen hundreds of serial dramas. Over the last three decades, serials have been a major part of our daily life. From ‘Ramayana Epic’ to ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ to ‘Service Wali Bahu’, everyday family members will sit together in the evening at the dinner table and watch these serials and laugh and cry together. These daily soaps influenced, dominated and established a large part of our society. And there is no doubt in saying that they left their essence to the core of our hearts and minds.

However, the emerging socialization in the past decade has greatly changed the mindsets of the people of our country. For the better, this has also encouraged our serial directors to deviate from the usual saas-bahu dramas to more social stories, which is both hit among masses and useful to educate new-age India and break stereotypes.

With the introduction of modern technology, smartphones, online casino, and Netflix we are rarely left with dull moment. Meaningful plots of the TV shows have helped in changing the perceptions of the people who still believed in the items of old faiths, stereotypes, and taboos!

Here’s the list of Indian TV serials that have broken the stereotypes over the past few years:


Gangaa was launched on March 2, 2015 and is still an ongoing TV serial that airs on &TV. This TV series took up the serious issue of child widow custom in India. The plot revolves around Gangaa (played by Ruhana Khanna), a child widow. She has an indomitable will to survive and live her life to the fullest, against all old-age beliefs and norms that society is trying to impose on her. This shows the main aim is to abolish the child widow culture that is still rampant in many parts of the country.


Uttaran debut in December 2008 and we all saw the finale episode of this amazing Indian soap opera in January 2015. This show is about two childhood friends, Ichcha and Tapasya that come from the different strata of society. This TV series showcases how despite the vast difference in their status, these two little girls become the best of friends. However, cut to 10 years we see some jealousy creeping into their relationship due to the entry of some negative characters. However, the initial theme of the show seems to break all the stereotypes regarding friendship and teach us how friendship is about connection and not about social status.


With 2,245 episodes in a span of approximately 8 years, Balika Vadhu swayed the nation from its very beginning. This show's main premise revolves around the still ongoing child marriage in our country. The child groom and bride were played by Avinash Mukherjee and Avika Gor respectively. The story revolves around the two getting married as children, growing up together, and facing difficulties related to child marriage because of their family’s involvement in the process. Through their strong storyline, this shows keeps on throwing across some critical social messages to the audiences. In 2008, the series won the ‘Best Programme With A Social Message’ award at the 8th Indian Telly Awards.

Service Wali Bahu

This Indian soap opera was launched in February 2015. The story of this women-centric show revolves around Payal (played by Kratika Sengar), who is a civil engineer, a homemaker and a sole bread-earner of her family. In order to support her in-laws and unemployed husband, she goes out to work. Not only the protagonist is earning bread but is taking care of household and homemaking tasks. This serial shows full support to feminism which also talks about other Indian customs such as the dowry system. Payal’s life has inspired many women in our country and it won’t be wrong to say that it has broken many stereotypes and old norms regarding women.
These TV serials have changed the way people think and have shattered many stereotypes. And the new open way of thinking will take our country forward.

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