Online slots bonuses

Online slots bonuses

Not only is there are a wealth of slots to try and play, but there are also a huge number of bonuses to go along with them. The rules of capitalism state that the more companies in an industry, the more competitive it will be. Whatever your opinions on capitalism are, you can't deny the competitive nature of a large number of online casinos. For the consumer, this is nothing but a good thing, as the amount of juicy bonuses dangled before us is astounding. Not all bonuses are created equal, though, as you would imagine. Bigger does not always mean better. To guide you through the overpopulated jungle of bonuses here is a rundown of the most popular ones you will come across.

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are the ones you will no doubt see most often. They are the ones that casinos advertise with to entice new punters through the gate. Once upon a time, welcome bonuses were a special occurrence. Now, players literally demand some form of sweetener before they will register their details anywhere. And fair enough too. Why sign up and not get a bonus if everyone else will provide something? Welcome bonuses generally contain one or more of:

Free spins

Bonus cash

No deposit bonuses

We will take a look at each of these juicy extras below. When it comes to welcome bonuses, always treat them as the icing on the cake of good casinos you would sign up with anyway. Some can be huge, and if they seem too good to be true, it doesn't necessarily mean they are. Just make sure you read the small print thoroughly before handing over your details and cash. We will lay out the key points to look out for below.

Free spins

Who doesn't love free spins? However, free isn't exactly a black and white concept – there are varying degrees. At one end of the scale free slot games with bonus rounds come with deposits that can only be used on certain slots with caps on winnings. At the other end, are the holy grail of free spins – no deposit free spins. As the name suggests, new customers are gifted a stash of free spins just for registering a new account. The crème de la crème of these aren't handicapped by win limitations either. Win the jackpot with them, and it is yours! Other free spin offers sit on the scale between these two free spin forms.

Bonus Cash

Bonus cash can be straight-up money that you can withdraw once certain criteria have been fulfilled, generally wagering requirements. Until then, treat it as credit that you can spend on slots, table games, card games, and keno – whatever the casino allows. There are several super benefits to bonus cash. One, you bet, and you can win profits. Two, even if you have no intention of fulfilling the wagering requirements, you can still use bonus cash to try out new slots, and see how the online casino performs. Bonus cash can come bundled with free spins, or it can come all by itself.

Wagering Requirements

The main thing that determines a bonuses suitability for your gaming style is wagering requirements. First up, always check if a bonus has wagering requirements – sometimes they don't, fantastic! Many times they will though, and this is the amount of money that needs to be wagered before collecting bonus cash or wins from bonus cash/free spins. Treat them as your end of the bargain for redeeming a bonus offer.

Wrap up

Free spins and bonus cash are the main bonuses you will come across when it comes to slots. Now, they might be super common in the form of welcome bonuses, but remember, online casinos can dish these beauties out at any time. It could be a weekend giveaway, rewards for loyalty, certain days of the week, virtually any time! Bonuses might not be the be-all and end-all of a casinos quality, but who doesn't like free stuff? As always, read the small print, paying particular attention to wagering requirements, to make sure you don't miss out any freebies. Make sure bonuses match your playing and betting style and have fun with them!

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