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How to Host a Holi Card Party That Your Friends Will Love?

Host a Holi Party with spectacular card games with a desi touch for your family! Read this article for tips and tricks on how to throw your best party yet!

Holi is a festival where people forget bitter past and come together to celebrate and love each other. It is a festival of positive vibes, excitement, unlimited fun, dance, love, water guns and cheer! Play some awesomatic online card games for Holi this 2020!

Have a colorful invitation

I’m sure when you want to invite guests to your holi party, you send out invitations. It’s holi, keep your invitation cards colorful and attractive. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of your holi party? You can always send some gulaal and a box of sweets along with the invites. Of course e-invitations are an alternative but guys, it's holi!! Point is even if they are e-invitations keep them colorful. 

The color-vigour

Since holi is all about colours, pla  the colours at your party. Try avoiding the colours that contain hard chemicals and opt for organic colours. It is quite a task to uncolour yourself from the holi colours. They might be slightly expensive but are always safer and skin-friendly. Save as much water as possible. Try Playing dry holi instead.  

Dress up for the party

Quite often people prefer dressing up in white on holi. Yet again it is a choice. Dress up pretty. Try floral tunics, avoid accessories, colorful footwear and just be comfortable in what you are wearing. For those who can not do without makeup can use light and waterproof makeup. Do not dress up shabby for a holi party in some old garment. It's a big no no! 

The Frolicking games

Now, onto the most important part of your party: the games. Dive into amazing card games such as Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, Jhandi Munda, Rummy, etc. Playing these games on online casinos is great, but playing it with your loved ones will give you a whole other experience.

These games are made interesting with money, so be sure that no one cheats. This is the only way that will guarantee fun in your card game party. You can keep the mood light and have a wonderful time!

Delightful Decor

Try to keep a theme for your party and have matching decor. Guests would always love to have a pleasing ambience. You could always have colorful paper lanterns, colorful balloons, streams, colorful drapes to spruce up the place. Make sure the place looks cute. You would love it yourself when you see your cute party pictures.

Holi specific music

Party incomplete without music and dance? Yes, ofcourse. Compile all trending and evergreen holi and bollywood songs and add them to your playlist. This will keep the party alive. Dhol beats played at regular intervals would add to the fun. If i was a guest at such a party i’m sure i wouldn’t be able to resist myself from shaking a leg. Dance with your family and friends. Don’t be hesitant just this one day.

The brimming beverages

How can a holi party not have ‘bhaang’? Holi parties can also other drinks like cocktails, mocktails, juices to quench your thirst. Traditionally, it is called ‘thandai’ and guests of all ages and tastes love ‘thandai’ . 

The gratifying gifts

After ambience and food the next eye catching part of a holi party are the gifts. Winners of the games organised can also be given gifts as a token appreciation. Special holi gifts include kurtis, chocolates, gujiya, T-shirt, sweet boxes, beauty care kits, dry fruit box, decorative items, fancy idol of Radha-Krishna or maybe even colours (gulaal). 

Make your party as colorful as you can with all of these tips and tricks! The fantastic card games mentioned above will surely make your party the talk of your family for a good while! If Sharma uncle thinks he throws the best parties, wait till he comes to yours! Happy Holi!

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