How Do I Make My Biceps Look Bigger?

Let's face it. We all have longed for bigger biceps at some point in time. Some are born with a natural affinity to it, and some are not. All people are made unique in their way, but it can be universally accepted that serious biceps with a killer attitude are among the most searched for amazing styles. 

So, what if you're not 6 ft or above or gotten out of bed the whole day. You do have your gym. With enough training, some life hacks, and styling tips, you can make your biceps look bigger than their original size. This article will explore some of the best methods, specially curated to make your arms and your biceps look bigger and in shape.

7 Ways To Make Your Biceps Look Bigger

When it comes to bigger biceps, the common misconception is that one has to go to the gym and grind all day till something pops. But that's not the case. There are several style aspects and design aspects that might be hindering your appearance. 

You are going to need to put in the work in the gym. You have to train with weights and maintain a healthy and regular diet. Along with it, you can make some fashion adjustments to match your body type, which will highlight and add bulkiness to your biceps. 

Work on your back 

Get on the gym floor and bombard it with sets of chin-ups, pull-downs, and other exercises that focus on your back muscles. It serves you better than pumping up your chest to make your arms look bigger and stronger. It also gives a V-shaped cut to your body that is more desirable as you stand more open and tall. 

Working on your upper bqody, in general, can do wonders in terms of having bigger and stronger arms. It will improve posture, open up your shoulders and make you look wider and bigger at the same time. 

Roll it up the right way

As mentioned above, having bigger biceps is not just about training your biceps but also about knowing how to showcase them. The next time you roll up your sleeves, do so elegantly and roll them just below your elbow, preferably one or two inches from it. This is done to add volume to your arms. The fabric provides the illusion that your arms are bigger than it seems and adds weight.

It’s not about how much you lift, but how many times you lift it

Weight training can't be avoided along with a proper diet to gain body mass and increase arm size when you are in the gym. But a rookie mistake most beginners make in the gym is that they go all-in on the first day and try to lift the biggest dumbbell they can find. It is not any better and may even be bad for your arms when you do such things.

Instead, focus on lifting smaller weights and increasing the reps. Make it through each rep, and be sure to do so continuously. Lifting smaller weights but increasing the number of sets can bring in more shape, bulkiness and is a great way to finish a workout. 

Wear it one size down

This is a bit controversial, and the jury is still out on it. Also, reports say that most women hate it when men wear tight-fit shirts or smaller shirts. But, if you intend to showcase your biceps in front of everybody, this is very effective and is sure to turn a few heads your way. 

Try to buy a perfect-fitting, slim-cut top that lies close to your body. The idea is that you shouldn't get much loose fabric hanging. Also, make alterations after visiting a tailor, if needed.

Train Long Head Biceps More Often

The goal is to have larger biceps, so the focus must be on the muscles that contribute most to it. Long head biceps give the feeling of longer arms and muscles. It will also help you with building good bicep peaks. 

The long head should be isolated and given a particular time during the workout sessions for maximum results. Long head bicep training will be your best friend in the gym to have more muscular arms and bicep peaks.For good results, focus on these long head biceps exercises.

Hold it in position

When you are in the gym, your focus should be on getting the maximum output from the invested time. You are not going to get far if you rush it. When lifting a dumbbell, try to move your arms slowly rather than rushing to finish the rep. Try to take three to four seconds during each motion. This increases the tension on the biceps and increases the efficiency of the workout. 

You could try different positions, such as the isometric hold, wherein you hold it in place for more than 4 seconds during each contraction. This pushes your muscles into overdrive and promises you better returns and bigger biceps.

Use stretchable fabric

You can't wear loose-fitting clothes and expect others to notice your biceps. Buy stretchable cotton and other similar fabric while choosing your clothes. 

Here, you have the added advantage of selecting the right size that fits your body, and even when you bulk up, the fabric hangs close to your skin, revealing the biceps and acting as a second skin on your body.

Loose-fitting clothes kill confidence and hide your physique, so it is best to stay as far as you can from them.

Final Thoughts

Are you tired of having skinny arms?  You are not alone. But, if you are ready to invest in yourselves, building bigger biceps is not an impossible dream; it is a process. An important point to mention here is that to build bigger biceps; you need to increase the mass of your body. You need to follow a proper diet along with regular exercise to have the best results. If the calories intake is insufficient, try adding protein powders and other weight gain supplements to your diet.

Finally, the rate at which one's body develops and the level of work they have to put in to build bigger biceps will differ for people. It is going to take some time and hard work to see results. Trust the process and stick with it. Also, don't stop when you have reasonably well-built biceps. Maintaining physique is a lifelong process.

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