5 Steps to Send a Press Release to Journalists

You have managed to write a great press release about your business or a new product you are planning to launch. Well done! Press releases are a great device to promote your products/services and increase brand awareness.

However, what’s the point in writing an incredible press release if there’s nobody to see it? You need to work to actually get it out there. In other words, you need to find a way to distribute your press release to the right audience.

And the best way to do so is to have your story picked by newspapers, magazines, and even blogs. You can also take the help of a professional press release distribution service provider that can help you reach out to a good journalist for publishing your story.

You can submit your press release to a suitable media house in the following 5 ways.

1.    Create a Media List

First and foremost, try building a proper media list comprising all the contacts of media houses, like newspapers, radio, magazines, etc., in your industry or niche. Besides the traditional media channels, today, you have the added advantage of exploring digital portals, like blogs, social media influencers, and others.

Use tools like Google and Linkedin to search for relevant media houses and influencers in your field and make a spreadsheet to note down their contact information. The more you contact them, the stronger your relationships will be. This would further help the journalists and influencers to recognize your brand and take up your story to read and publish it.

2.    Send Your Press Release via Email

Sending your press release via email to the outlets you have listed down is a good idea to make them read your story. Try writing a compelling pitch or by starting with a grand opening along with your release. Mention who you are and what you do. Give a brief of the products/services you are selling and how they can change people’s lives. In short, give the journalist a good reason to read and publish your story.

3.    Use Social Media Platforms to Promote Your Release

Social media is one of the best places to promote your brand. Contact some of the key influencers in your niche and make them host your content on various publication sites. Because your audience relies heavily on the word of mouth of these influencers and bloggers. Also, don’t forget to share links to the blogs or portals where your story has been published.

4.    Follow Up With Various Media Outlets

Even after you have sent in your press release, never hesitate to follow up with them to make sure they are considering your story. Email or call your outlets personally to let them know that you have submitted your release and request them to look it up. Ask them if they have any questions to clarify or any other issues they wish to discuss further.

5.    Contact a Press Release Distribution Service

An efficient way to get the journalists to publish your release is to opt for one of the best press release distribution services. A distribution service would enable you to submit your story to hundreds of journalists, reporters, influencers, blogs, and news outlets.

Press release distribution services send invitations to the concerned parties through permanent placement strategies on news wires. They can also distribute your release along with compelling multimedia on targeted social media channels or email them directly to influencers, journalists, or reporters.

But make sure to choose the right distribution service, plan, location, and release date to reach the right potential audience at the appropriate time.

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