Best gold jewelry to carry for being the most elegant wedding guest

This is the season of the weddings. Everyone around us is getting married and here we are thinking about what to wear in the weddings. Seems shallow? But it isn’t. You can wear a lot of great jewelry at a wedding that will allow you to create a wonderful style statement.

We have created a list of tips for you that will come in handy if you are looking forward to becoming an elegant wedding guest.

So, read on . . . 

A gold necklace:

This is what is the conventional method of going to a wedding, women just don a necklace and they are good to rock any party. You can find your ideal necklace and just wear it to rock a party. You can find necklaces in various designs and can actually don the one that you think reflects your style in the best manner. It can be a broad necklace with kundan, polkisetc or it can be a simpler one that is sleek and stylish.

A Gold chain:

If you are not a necklace person, we would suggest you to go for gold chains instead. You can glam up them as well, it is really  all you need to do is to stack a few gold chains in your neck and you are glammed up. Can it get simpler than this? Your chains can have tiny pendants and charms in them that complement your outfit so that you can rock it without getting into the hassles of putting on a heavy necklace.

Maang tikka

Well, Maang tikka is back is vogue and how! You can dress up your wedding look by adding maang tikka, earrings and a gajra and going without the necklace. Trust us, this look is really elegant.


You can never have enough rings in your closet.  We will suggest you to wear a cocktail ring as it looks really fancy and goes with your wedding look.


Let your ears do all the talking at the wedding, it would be amazing to wear your heavy chandbalis or jhumkas that will let you create a wonderful style statement. You can ditch the gold for Rose gold earrings designs that you can find plenty all over the internet. All you need to do is to open your favouritejewlery shopping site and search for Latest gold drop earrings designs and you are good to go!


An important element that will make you look elegant is a watch. You can wear gold watches in the wedding for a powerful statement.
A sleek bracelet/ bangle

You can wear your gold bracelet/ ring in the same hand as your watch as it gives away a very powerful style statement.

So, these are some of the tips in the jewelry section that you can incorporate to look really stylish and elegant as a wedding guest. We really had fun writing these tips for you. We hope you also have fun incorporating these style tips.

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