Red FM throws open its airwaves for Mumbaikars

Red FM throws open its airwaves for Mumbaikars

MUMBAI: In these times of trial, while the whole city is coming to terms with the horrendous activities of the last two days, Radio in its own way has been giving people a platform to express their views & feelings through the medium. Red FM‘s RJs were on-air live throughout Wednesday night taking in callers and updating listeners. Red FM‘s airwaves have been thrown open to Mumbaikars and the music on-air has been reduced to accommodate the flood of calls from people including victims, families of victims, eye witnesses, staff members of the hotels and the common man who have come forward to speak about their experiences, to send out a plea, to express their anger or to demand answers for their unanswered questions.

While the whole of Mumbai has been watching the drama unfold over the last two days, not too many answers have come forth. Enough has been said about the undying spirit of Mumbai! Enough of innocent lives have been lost too many times! We have had Enough of our ministers coming up with official statements offering their condolences! Mumbaikars are not in the mood to forget and move on yet another time. Its time for answers to some difficult questions, we have the right to know, Why?

RJ Malishka of Morning No.1 on Red FM said, "We love the spirit of Mumbai, but we should not use that as a shield to get up and get on with our lives, like it‘s just another day! The end of these few terrorists doesn‘t mean the end of terrorism, it‘s a long term battle and we citizens will have to fight it. Each and every citizen of Mumbai has a responsibility, in his own little way, to pressurize the system to take action."

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