The vibrant debut of Director's Cut with Aamir Khan on Zoom TV

The vibrant debut of Director's Cut with Aamir Khan on Zoom TV

MUMBAI: With the tremendous success of his directorial debut Taare Zameen Par, multi-talented performer Aamir Khan now finds his name listed among India‘s top league of directors.The film has also proved, once again, that he is an actor to reckon with, capturing the hearts of a million kids with his role of Nikumb Sir. Now, fans and movie buffs alike can catch this multitalented filmmaker in a heart-to-heart with internationally renowned actor Kabir Bedi, on the first episode of Director‘s Cut that airs Sunday, January 20th 2008, at 8:00 pm only on Zoom, India‘s premier glamour and entertainment channel.

Director‘s Cut, a weekly one-hour series of thirteen episodes on Zoom, pays tribute to Bollywood‘s directors - the people who have given shape to our unique world of entertainment, while offering much pleasure to the lives of movie lovers worldwide. It tracks, in a sense, the long and interesting journeys some of our respected filmmakers have made from obscurity to hard-won admiration.

Go down memory lane with one of Bollywood‘s most talented Khans, beginning with a shocker - as a child, Aamir was afraid of film sets! Coming from a family with roots in the film industry that go back a few generations, Aamir loved to hear stories from writers who came to meet his father. "I never had to learn filmmaking," he says. "I already knew everything. I would feel odd when friends asked me how films were made. I would tell them it was simple." Speaking about his passion for being associated with cinema, he says, "Filmmaking is my world. I feel happy making people laugh and cry, exciting and entertaining them."

There‘s a great deal of hard-hitting stuff in store as well, as Kabir Bedi asks the star a few pointed questions. Aamir opens up on everything from controversies surrounding his marriage to accusations of being a ghost director. The candid chat gets more exciting as Kabir discusses individual characters played by Aamir, and the actor shares his experiences of working on roles that have inspired thousands of film lovers.

Don‘t miss this vibrant debut of Director‘s Cut. Catch Aamir Khan and Kabir Bedi on 20 January 2008, at 8:00 pm. Only on Zoom, Isko Dekho!

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