The CNN-IBN citizen journalist show - Be the change!

The CNN-IBN citizen journalist show - Be the change!

MUMBAI: Don‘t be a silent spectator to what goes on around you. Take a stand and voice your concerns by becoming a Citizen Journalist! CNN-IBN takes viewer involvement to the next level by giving citizens an empowering platform so they can articulate the issues that are the closest to their hearts.

Two years ago, CNN-IBN began a revolution when it introduced the country to the concept of ‘Citizen Journalism‘. It encouraged people to not simply imbibe the news, but become an intrinsic part of the news gathering process. Since then, scores of people have sent in videos, photographs and posted blogs to report on a variety of issues and from across the country.

Celebrating the spirit of civic activism and taking user generated content to a new level CNN-IBN presents, ‘The Citizen Journalist Show: Be the Change‘. The series invites citizens of India to use the show and the power of media to FIGHT BACK, to SAVE THEIR CITIES and to RAISE ISSUES. Viewers are asked to become Citizen Journalists by either logging onto the CJ microsite - or sending an SMS to 52622. They can send in text messages , or video content or even stills. All of which will be displayed on The citizen journalist show. The eight-episode special series, beginning November 17, will air every Saturday at 9:30 pm (with a repeat on Sundays at 5:30 pm).

‘The Citizen Journalist Show: Be the Change‘ series will comprise the following segments: Fight Back - fight against any injustice; Civic Activism - raising local civic problems; Anti-Corruption Bureau - standing up against bribes; Real Heroes - nominate someone who has been doing exemplary work against all odds; Green CJ - undertaking an effective green initiative; Viewer‘s Feedback - voicing opinions on CNN-IBN reports; and Bulletin Board - issues and grievances troubling viewers along with photos and/or videos.

The show also introduces the BE THE CHANGE concept where volunteers helping their community are being empowered with handicams to document their efforts on video.

No longer will people just sit back and watch, THEY will be THE NEWS. THEY WILL BE THE CHANGE THEY WANT TO SEE.

"Citizen Journalism lies at the heart of CNN-IBN‘s raison d‘etre of inclusive journalism. It not only engages the viewer in public life and encourages them to be proactive, but also transforms news into an interactive and multilateral process." Said, Rajdeep Sardesai, Editor-in-Chief, CNN-IBN & IBN 7.

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