TABcab launches Taxi Ads

TABcab launches Taxi Ads


Mumbai: TABcab announced that it has launched Taxi Ads with three brands ? TATA Salt Lite, TATA I Shakti Daal & Regus ? being displayed on its new Toyota Etios cabs in Mumbai. TABcab displays TATA Salt Lite, TATA I Shakti Daal & Regus on the boot and all the four doors of its Toyota Etios cabs.

TABcab is a new radio taxi service in Mumbai with a license to operate 4000 cabs tendered by MMRTA. TABcab deploys the most updated technology platform that greatly reduces the booking v/s delivery turnaround time for customers. The platform also minimises the response time for customer calls. Currently, TABcab runs 1000 cabs in Mumbai.

As brands move their spends from static to dynamic and transit mediums, Taxi Ads are gaining momentum and have been used by some major brands across the world and in cities in India. TABcab offers high visibility and engagement platform through Taxi Ads, reaching out to every nook and corner of the city which is not possible through other static or transit mediums.

TABcab has installed mobile tablets in its cabs for in-cab entertainment. These tablets run on 3G network and deliver spots, banner ads, brand apps, brand games, research interface and microsite integration kind of opportunities for advertisers in a captive environment. Considering that the average time taken to travel by an individual is 1.5 hours, the tablet offers high engagement point and reach for passengers who find it extremely interesting because of entertainment and live content, which includes latest English & Hindi movies, songs, promos, videos, news and search.

Announcing the launch of Taxi Ads, Prasenjeet Bagchi, Chief Marketing Officer of TABcab, said ?TABcab offers a complete campaign to an advertiser in Mumbai to reach out to its target audience. With the fleet size increasing up to 4,000, and with Taxi Ads and in-cab engagement & communication platforms, the campaign will ensure maximum reach, visibility and engagement resulting into unparalleled impact that no other transit or outdoor media platform can offer.?

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