KBC gives India its first slumdog crore-patni

KBC gives India its first slumdog crore-patni

MUMBAI: A reel world fantasy was brought to real life on the most popular show on Indian television, KBC 2010!!! Rahat Taslim, a homemaker from a remote village near Ranchi became the first Indian woman to win the most prestigious title in the annals of Indian television - - KBC 4 & its grand prize of Rs. 1 crore - - not by chance or luck but by sheer determination and hard work.

Rahat Taslim dreamt of success in spite of all the adversities in her life!! An aspiring doctor, she was married off at an early age and then forced to discontinue her studies. Through all these challenges that life hurled at her, Rahat always kept her head and spirits high and kept dreaming about her own boutique. Her thirst for information & knowledge ensured that she always kept herself abreast of news and current affairs, even while bringing up her two children and trying to add to her meager family income with tailoring tuitions.

Her endeavor to be a teacher also did not see the light of the day due to the conservative atmosphere in her society . . . and then out of the blue KBC happened. Immediately Rahat realized this was her destiny calling and that this was the one opportunity she was waiting for all these days! So despite stiff opposition from her husband who holds a job in a local company, she borrowed the airfare from her relatives and caught the first flight to Mumbai to fulfill her tryst with destiny. The rest as they say is history!

Once on the hot seat, the gritty housewife-embroidery teacher from yore dug in. And sailed through. Rahat?s calm logical answers and reasoning,her composure impressed one and all,right from the host Amitabh Bachchan,to the in-studio audience and the programming crew.

An excited Rahat Taslim said, "I am happy & feeling very special today. Having won KBC, I feel like a celebrity myself! KBC has helped me conquer my dreams, & am reallly grateful to Sony & its show. Bachchan Sir, made me very comfortable. He‘s such a big personality, yet he was talking to me, as if he‘s a common man himself. My wish to open a boutique & give high education for my kids, is now possible!"

Catch all the fun and excitement with Rahat Tasneem as she descends to play KBC and enthrall and entertain viewers like never before on Monday 22nd November, 9 PM onwards only on Sony Entertainment Television.

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