Channel [v] presents Bollywood Nonsensex!

Channel [v] presents Bollywood Nonsensex!

MUMBAI: Investing your time on entertainment this month is a very good idea indeed! With the recession fading away, investors will seek new hope with the launch of Bollywood?s own Share Bazaar, where movies, actors and actresses will be traded like shares on the bourses! Channel [v] presents Bollywood Nonsensex, the one of its kind Bollywood Stock Market show!

This unique Bollywood share market opens for trade on 14th Feb at 7pm on Channel [v]. Apart from the knowledge on the funds up for grabs & the stock performance of the stars, viewers will also catch the show with a funny ticker talking about different share values! That?s not all; VJ Juhi and VJ Manish will inform keen investors about the movements in the stock charts, market caps of various actors, 52 week highs and lows, future outlook etc. Corporate statements will be made by the stars themselves encouraging viewers to buy their shares! Bollywood stars, film personalities & new film releases will be assigned values & a daily ?nonsensex? number will fluctuate based on the day?s market events viz. successes, failures, link-ups, news, fights etc. The share values keep going up or down! Investors will also be allowed to make calls for expert opinion on whether to keep a star?s or film?s stock or not!

Giving new hope to investors the Channel [v] way, viewers will now stay informed of the highs and lows of the Bollywood industry!

Bullish or Bearish? get the complete lowdown on the Bollywood Market in the signature Channel [v] style! Tune in from 14th February, 7PM.

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