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Started in 2000 by Media and Television analyst Anil Wanvari, Indiantelevision.com is the first online information and interactive service focusing on the Indian Television and Media business. Its user base has grown over the past fourteen years; making it India's most widely read online Media, Advertising, Marketing & Satellite Television resource.

Apart from conceiving and executing promotional campaigns targeted at the Media, Marketing & Television Trade online, it also offers similar services offline, thus providing clients with a 360 degree media service and marketing solution.


Indiantelevision.com's VidNet is a day-long congregation of the OTT ecosystem to discuss business models, tech trends, revenue streams, content creation and consumption patterns, success stories within the ecosystem and the way forward for its various constituents... View More

The Indian Telly Technical Awards


BrandVid is a platform which brings together publishers, broadcasters, digital platforms, agencies, technology, brands and social media outlets to share notes and best practices, exchange ideas, understand and forecast video trends and build relationships.

Video and Broadband Summit

The convergence of telecommunication, media and computing has fundamentally changed the way today's organizations are run. With a disruptive digital landscape on offer, there is more focus on the consumer than ever before. The need of the hour is clear identification of potential customers, understanding their needs and customising products and services as per their taste.

The Indian Telly Awards

The Indian Telly Awards, often referred to as the Tellys and founded in the year 2000 are presented by ITV 2.0 productions to celebrate and recognize talent and hard work in the television ecosystem. The formal ceremony at which the awards are presented takes place in Mumbai.... View More

The Content Hub

The third edition of The ContentHub is being put together by Indiantelevision.com to create a platform for the vibrant creators of content on digital, television, and short form content. The explosion in content outlets has led to a surge in demand for content and various models are being resorted to for creation of content. ... View More

NT Awards

The first ever awards for the Indian News Television Channels. The NT Awards are supported and attended by all the News TV Channels and professionals from the news business... View More

New Talent Awards

The New Talent Awards recognizes the new television Actors who have risen above their peers. The Award gala is telecast on a leading satellite channel... View More

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