Ficci Frames makes a comeback with Ficci Frames Fast Track

Ficci Frames makes a comeback with Ficci Frames Fast Track

The two-day long conference will be held on 27 & 28 September in Mumbai

Ficci Frames

Mumbai: Ficci Frames Fast Track 2022, a pre-cursor to the Ficci Frames which makes a comeback after the pandemic, is slated to be held on 27 & 28 September in Mumbai.

Ficci Frames, organised by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (Ficci), is the country’s biggest international seminar for the media and entertainment industries, which spans across film, television, digital entertainment, animation, gaming and visual effects.

The theme of Ficci Frames Fast Track is the comeback after the pandemic. The two-day long conference will commemorate the industry which underwent the heat of COVID and has only emerged stronger. It seeks to bring the industry back to its feet and is raring to go.

Ficci assistant secretary general and head media & entertainment Leena Jaisani brought forth, “The idea is to bring together the industry under one roof and just celebrate the fact that we have not only survived the pandemic that affected people and industries world over, but also came together during that period to help and support people. Many studios and associations took the responsibility of vaccinating employees and their families.”

As OTT emerged as a very robust player during the pandemic, the focus this year will also be on OTT. The convention would discuss top trends, policies and regulations in the industry with various stakeholders including filmmakers, technicians, actors, heads of the film studios and representatives from exhibition sectors.

There will be dialogues and exchanges around what kind of a change has the pandemic triggered and what the future looks like for the media and entertainment sector. Conversations will also be around film tourism, IP rights and film incentives.

Ficci Frames Fast Track will also organise masterclasses and workshops around various aspects of filmmaking. This year, students from various schools and colleges will also get an opportunity to hear and learn from the leaders in the sector.

The celebrated and much loved actor, Ranveer Singh, would be inaugurating the event and shall be present for the opening session.