Juggernaut Productions ties up with Pratilipi

Juggernaut Productions ties up with Pratilipi

The production house will develop web series, films for various OTT platforms.

Mumbai: IN10 Media Network’s production house, Juggernaut Productions, is happy to collaborate with Pratilipi, a prominent digital storytelling portal. The collaboration will focus on developing high-quality content across multiple OTT platforms.

By leveraging its extensive library of original stories and Juggernaut Productions' experience in creating engaging content, the two companies aim to create compelling stories that resonate with audiences across India and beyond.

The two have signed an agreement wherein Juggernaut Productions will select and produce stories from Pratilipi’s vast bank of literary works into web series, films, and documentaries. The production house has short-listed five interesting concepts from the depository.

On the collaboration, Juggernaut Productions CEO Samar Khan said, “We are thrilled to partner with Pratilipi to bring more original and engaging stories that connect with people on an emotional level to audiences worldwide. Together, we hope to create stories that inspire, entertain, and challenge audiences while also celebrating the diversity of Indian languages and cultures.”

Pratilipi business head Ambesh Tiwari said, “We at Pratilipi are home to India's largest pool of stories which resonate with the pulse of the masses. After winning with consumers in the written, audio and comic world we aim to win in the video world too. And what better partners than Juggernaut Productions to begin this journey!”

The collaboration between Juggernaut Productions and Pratilipi is expected to produce a range of projects across various genres and formats.