Acclaimed Telugu Film Razakar to release pan-India in Hindi and Marathi on April 26

Acclaimed Telugu Film Razakar to release pan-India in Hindi and Marathi on April 26

Panorama Studios to release the film in both languages


Mumbai: The critically acclaimed Telugu film Razakar, which debuted in March 2024, is now poised to reach a pan-India audience with its upcoming release in Hindi and Marathi. Set against the turbulent post-Independence era in India, 'Razakar' narrates the harrowing period when Hyderabad was a princely state, under the shadow of the brutal Razakar militia.

Director Yata Satyanarayana, who has not only directed but also penned the story and screenplay, expressed his enthusiasm about the film’s wider release. “I am aware that a large section of my audience have been waiting to see the film in Hindi. I am thrilled that we can now showcase it not only in Hindi but also in Marathi,” stated Satyanarayana. He confirmed that both the Hindi and Marathi versions are set to be released on April 26 by Panorama Studios.

The film provides a gripping narrative of the genocide undertaken by the Razakars, a paramilitary group loyal to the Nizam of Hyderabad, which committed mass murders and spread terror among the populace. This dark chapter prompted Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the then Home Minister, to initiate swift actions that culminated in the historic Operation Polo, leading to Hyderabad's annexation into the Indian Union. 'Razakar' also explores the political manoeuvres of Hyderabad's last Nizam, Osman Ali Khan, and his attempts to maintain independence, providing a comprehensive view of a pivotal moment in Indian history.

Satyanarayana emphasised the quality of the new versions: “The dialogues of the Hindi and Marathi versions will be as evocative as those in the Telugu original. We are committed to ensuring that the film is re-mastered with the finest quality for its pan-India release.” The distribution of the film across the nation will be handled by Panorama Studios, promising a widespread reach. As 'Razakar' prepares for its release across India, it invites audiences to witness a crucial period of Indian history, portrayed with cinematic excellence and historical accuracy. The film’s broader accessibility in Hindi and Marathi is set to ignite discussions and broaden its impact, reaching into the hearts and minds of viewers across the nation.