Gritzo collaborates with Lara Dutta Bhupati to unveil a new digital brand film

Gritzo collaborates with Lara Dutta Bhupati to unveil a new digital brand film

The digital film underscores the crucial role mothers play in ensuring the optimal growth.


Mumbai: Gritzo, a brand of Healthkart and the first of its kind brand in the personalized nutrition drink for children, today unveiled an educational digital film featuring Lara Dutta Bhupati. The digital film, conceptualized and executed internally by the team, will be amplified across multiple digital touchpoints, including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

In the digital movie, Bhupati emphasizes the importance of nutrition for every growing child. While Bhupati continually receives guidance from her mother regarding special and nutritious recipes, she conveys her reliance on Gritzo Supermilk to fulfill the daily nutritional requirements of all children. Supermilk is enriched with essential macro and micronutrients such as protein, calcium, vitamin D3, Ashwagandha, zinc, iron, and Amla, all of which are crucial for the early development of children. Bhupati enthusiastically shares her preference for Gritzo Supermilk Height Plus for children, celebrating each mother's distinct approach to nurturing their offspring. Bhupati also touches on her personal journey, recalling how her height played a pivotal role in her path to becoming Miss Universe, emphasising that height can be a valuable asset with the potential to influence various aspects of life.

Bhupati, a celebrated actress, gained media attention when she took a hiatus from the glamorous world in 2012 to embrace motherhood. For Bhupati, being a mother is a central role, and she believes that being present during a child's formative years is of utmost significance for their physical and mental well-being.

On her association with Gritzo, Bhupati commented, "Motherhood is undeniably the most rewarding role I've embraced in my life, yet it comes with a profound sense of responsibility. In a market abundant with numerous nutritional options, the task of selecting the perfect nourishment for a growing child becomes a top priority. This is where Gritzo Supermilk Height Plus comes into play as my dependable preference. It represents the nutrition I have confidence in for the growth of every child. Packed with essential milk proteins, crucial nutrients, and minerals, Gritzo SuperMilk Height Plus stands out as the ideal selection for mothers aiming to promote their child's optimal growth and development. What distinguishes Gritzo is its remarkable adaptability, enabling mothers to tailor the SuperMilk according to their child's specific needs, including age, gender, and health objectives”.

Speaking about the association and the unveiling of the digital film, Gritzo business head Subhadeep Dasgupta commented, “We are thrilled to have Lara Dutta on board  and join us in the journey of spreading awareness on the relevance of nutrition for growing children. At Gritzo, we recognize the uniqueness of every child, which translates into varying nutritional needs. Gritzo, with its capability to deliver essential nourishment at each stage of a child's development, has become the most trusted companion for parents in their parenting journey. We extend a warm welcome to Lara and express our gratitude for her belief in our product."