Podcasts have indeed become a significant element in the public relations toolkit: Aashi Chaturvedi

Podcasts have indeed become a significant element in the public relations toolkit: Aashi Chaturvedi

The PR industry is estimated to to reach 3500 crores by 2027.

Mumbai: Public relations industry in India has evolved remarkably over the past few decades. Once focused primarily on media relations and press releases, PR in India has now become a strategic and integral part of corporate, political, and social landscapes. This transformation has been driven by a combination of economic growth, digital disruption, and increasing recognition of the value of reputation management.

Over time, as India opened its economy in the 1990s, the industry witnessed significant changes. The liberalisation of the economy brought in a plethora of global brands and companies, creating a robust demand for sophisticated PR services.

Today, the Indian PR industry is a multi-billion dollar sector, characterised by a diverse array of services including corporate communications, crisis management, digital PR, influencer marketing, and public affairs. According to a report by the Public Relations Consultants Association of India (PRCAI), it has estimated an optimistic growth for the industry to reach 3500 crores by 2027, at an annual growth rate of 11 per cent.

With over six years of experience in the PR industry, Aashi Chaturvedi has had the privilege of working with innovative brands in fashion and technology, crafting stories that not only engage but also create a lasting impact. She has developed and executed communication strategies that have consistently secured media coverage for high-profile clients. A prime example is her work with Graff Faucets, where her strategic approach ensured extensive media visibility and brand recognition. Through meticulous planning and creative storytelling, she has demonstrated how innovative PR strategies can significantly enhance a brand's presence in the competitive market.

Indiantelevision caught up with Chaturvedi where she delved on to the evolution of PR in the digital age and more….

Edited excerpts

On content creation playing role in modern PR

In the dynamic realm of public relations, content creation transcends mere strategy—it becomes the cornerstone of digital engagement and audience retention. As a seasoned PR professional, I perceive content as the pivotal storytelling conduit that forges a profound connection between a brand and its audience. It’s not merely about constructing narratives; it’s about sculpting experiences that resonate, enlighten, and galvanise action.

To ensure the content’s fidelity to the brand’s message, my strategy is multifaceted:

1.    Brand Voice Consistency: Each content piece—be it a blog entry, social media dispatch, or press announcement—must echo the brand’s foundational values and distinctive tone. Such unwavering consistency cements the brand’s identity and fortifies audience trust.

2.    Audience Insight: Leveraging comprehensive analytics and astute social listening, I distill insights into the audience’s core concerns. This empirical approach empowers me to craft content that not only embodies the brand’s ethos but also resonates with the audience’s aspirations and challenges.

3.    Strategic Storytelling: Masterful storytelling lies at the heart of my methodology. I artfully interlace key messages within enthralling narratives that captivate and stir emotions. The goal transcends mere promotion; it’s about etching an indelible brand experience.

4.    Content Adaptability: Acknowledging the fluidity of the digital landscape and user consumption patterns, I ensure the content’s versatility across diverse platforms. This entails optimizing for each medium while preserving a unified brand story.

5.    Feedback Loop: The dialogue with the audience extends beyond content publication. I foster a responsive feedback mechanism that invites interaction and discourse. This not only amplifies engagement but also yields actionable insights to refine subsequent content.

In the contemporary landscape of PR, content creation is about narrating your brand’s saga with authenticity and allure, seamlessly weaving it into the digital dialogue. It’s about embodying a voice that resonates amidst the market’s cacophony, nurturing relationships that transcend mere transactions.

On podcasts becoming the new strategies for PR

Absolutely. Podcasts have indeed become a significant element in the public relations toolkit. I appreciate the unique storytelling aspect that podcasts offer.

They allow for in-depth discussions and storytelling that can humanize a brand, something that aligns perfectly with your passion for crafting compelling narratives. Moreover, podcasts provide a platform for thought leadership, enabling you to share insights and trends that can position you as an expert in the PR field.

Considering the evolving media landscape and the importance of social media in shaping public perception, podcasts also offer the advantage of shareability and the potential to reach a targeted audience through various platforms. They can be integrated into broader PR strategies to enhance engagement and build a community around a brand or message.

Podcasts are not just becoming part of new strategies for PR; they are a dynamic and interactive way to connect with audiences on a more personal level. They complement the traditional PR approaches by adding depth and creating a space for authentic conversations. For someone like you, who values the power of storytelling and staying ahead of trends, podcasts could be a valuable addition to the PR arsenal.

On the rise of influencers affecting PR campaigns, and the best practices for collaborating with influencers

In the dynamic realm of public relations, the rise of influencers marks a pivotal shift, resonating with the human-centric philosophy I champion. More than mere promoters, influencers personify trust and relatability, catering to an audience that places a premium on authenticity. This evolution towards personal connections signifies a transformative shift in PR campaign execution.

As a connoisseur of brand narratives and a steward of a multifaceted client portfolio, I’ve discerned that triumphant influencer partnerships hinge on several core practices:

Storytelling Synergy: Aligning with influencers whose life stories echo your brand’s values is crucial. In parallel to my knack for blending diverse concepts into a cohesive strategy, influencers should naturally weave your brand’s narrative into their discourse.

Engagement Over Numbers: The essence of influence is not quantified by followers but by the depth of engagement. I give precedence to influencers who cultivate authentic dialogues and bonds, reflecting my dedication to substantial interaction.

Content Co-Creation: Intimate collaboration with influencers paves the way for content that truly resonates and captivates. My acumen in digital engagement guarantees that our joint content endeavours make a profound impression.

Metrics That Matter: Harnessing my analytical prowess, I zero in on metrics that genuinely gauge our campaign’s triumph, such as brand sentiment and message reach, rather than ephemeral metrics like likes and shares.

Influencers are the new vanguards of storytelling, offering a novel platform to articulate our brand’s message in intriguing ways. It’s about striking an ideal balance between an influencer’s genuine expression and our strategic imperatives, sculpting PR campaigns that not only engage contemporary audiences but also forge an enduring legacy.

On the evolution of relationships with journalists and media outlets

In the swiftly transforming digital landscape, the interplay between public relations experts and journalists has experienced a profound metamorphosis. As a PR aficionado with a flair for storytelling and brand metamorphosis, I’ve witnessed the digital-first ethos democratize the art of content creation and dissemination. This paradigm shift has cultivated a more synergistic and instantaneous rapport with journalists and media entities.

The ascent of digital journalism and the emergence of native digital news platforms have unlocked novel avenues for engagement. Journalists have become increasingly approachable, often engaging directly with their audience and PR counterparts via social media channels. This immediacy has nurtured a more vibrant and agile dialogue, enabling real-time feedback and narrative fine-tuning.

Furthermore, the digital domain has heightened the significance of storytelling. Amidst the deluge of information, journalists and media outlets are in constant pursuit of enthralling stories that strike a chord with their audience. As a proponent of influencer leverage and content innovation, I believe in furnishing journalists with narratives that are not just topical but also emotionally captivating, to seize the public’s attention.

The advent of analytics and big data has revolutionized our capacity to gauge the resonance of our stories. The prowess to monitor engagement and customize content to audience predilections has empowered us to refine our methodologies and tactics for optimal impact.

The liaison with journalists and media outlets in a digital-centric world is hallmarked by enhanced accessibility, an emphasis on enthralling storytelling, and data-informed strategies for engagement. As we forge ahead through this digital expanse, the essence of human connections endures, continuing to sculpt public perception and brand sagas.

On witnessing future trends in PR

Envisioning the future of PR, I see a landscape rich with innovation and driven by insightful storytelling. As digital frontiers expand, we, as PR professionals, are the pioneers, blending creativity with authenticity and a steadfast commitment to sustainability. The trends shaping our industry include:

●    Humanized Brand Narratives: Crafting relatable stories that resonate deeply with audiences.

●    Authentic Engagement: Upholding transparency and trust in an age of scepticism.

●    AI Integration: Leveraging AI for efficiency while maintaining the irreplaceable human touch for content that reflects brand values.

●    Social Media Dynamics: Harnessing platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok for thought leadership and engagement.

●    Sustainability and Social Responsibility: Championing PR’s role in promoting a brand’s commitment to these crucial values.

●    Crisis Management and Transparency: Navigating the digital whirlwind with strategies that protect brand integrity.

These trends herald a shift towards PR practices that are not only impactful but also resonate with the core values of the brands and communities we serve. To lead in the ever-accelerating PR world, professionals must prioritize continuous learning, embrace AI and other new tools, anticipate cultural shifts, maintain strong media relationships, foster collaboration, and adopt data-driven strategies. An integrated approach that marries traditional and digital media will weave a more compelling brand narrative.