Destiny Redefined: Kriti’s Rise from Byju's Mass Layoff to BI Developer!

Destiny Redefined: Kriti’s Rise from Byju's Mass Layoff to BI Developer!


As she packed up her belongings and said goodbye to her colleagues, Kriti couldn't shake the feeling of disbelief and betrayal. Kriti found herself among the employees affected by Byju's mass layoffs. This news hit her hard, considering the years when she had poured her heart and soul into creating content for Byju's, only to be let go without warning.

Kriti, a mathematics graduate, aimed to clear the UPSC exams, a goal that she pursued with dedication for years. However, as time went on, Kriti found herself struggling with increasing financial pressures that made it difficult for her to focus solely on her studies.

In an effort to manage her finances, Kriti took a job as a content associate at Byju's. This role seemed like a perfect solution at first, allowing her to earn a living while dedicating time to her exam preparations. However, the workload from her job often left her exhausted. Despite her best efforts to maintain a balance, the stress of meeting deadlines and covering the vast UPSC syllabus began to take a toll on her mental and physical health.

Eventually, she had to give up her UPSC aspirations. With a heavy heart, Kriti shifted her focus from clearing the UPSC exams to excelling in her job.

Cut to Byju's mass layoff

Kriti was beyond shocked. She never imagined herself to be among the employees being laid off because of her work. She had always tried to work beyond the target.

After her UPSC dreams fell through, Kriti felt a new determination. However, losing her job suddenly made her feel unmoored. As she packed up her desk, the weight of uncertainty about her future felt suffocating.

Despite her initial shock and despair, Kriti knew deep down that she couldn't let this setback define her. With a steely resolve, she vowed to pick herself up and find a way forward, even if the road ahead seemed uncertain. Kriti knew that she had the strength and resilience to overcome this latest obstacle, no matter how difficult it may seem at the moment.

And so, with a heavy heart but a glimmer of hope flickering in the depths of her soul, Kriti took a deep breath and faced the unknown future with courage and determination. She knew that this was just another chapter in her story, and she was determined to make it a chapter of growth.

Hence, as she pondered, Kriti remembered being fascinated by the huge growth of the data science field when doing the presentations during her previous work. That’s when she started digging deeper and wanted to pursue a data science course. However, she soon got lost because there were too many online learning resources. That's when Kriti looked for a proper structure and came across OdinSchool, whose industry-vetted curriculum was taught by industry veterans. Their inspiring success storiesmade her join the data science course immediately.

Today, Kriti thinks, “had it not been for OdinSchool, I would have never become a full-fledged Business Intelligence Developer. Because, I never liked coding from the beginning. When I wanted to join the data science domain, someone told me to start my journey with Python, and I ended up learning HTML. That's how bad it was for me because I didn't understand anything, so I didn't know which language I was learning. I still freak out sometimes when it comes to coding, but then practice made me a lot better than I used to be. “