SecureKloud Technologies appoints Venkateswaran Krishnamurthy as CRO

SecureKloud Technologies appoints Venkateswaran Krishnamurthy as CRO

Venkat is a seasoned business leader with over 26 years of diverse industry experience.

Venkateswaran Krishnamurthy

Mumbai: SecureKloud Technologies Ltd (NSE: SECURKLOUD; BSE:512161), a provider of innovative cloud solutions and AI, is pleased to announce the appointment of Venkateswaran Krishnamurthy (Venkat) as its new chief revenue officer (CRO).

Venkat is a seasoned business leader with over 26 years of diverse industry experience spanning technology, cybersecurity, staffing, and e-commerce. He brings a wealth of expertise in managing large businesses and teams across various geographies, making him a valuable addition to the SecureKloud leadership team.

Throughout his career, Venkat has held numerous leadership positions in renowned companies such as Dell, Lenovo, Ola, Teamlease and more. He has a proven track record of successfully building and scaling organizations, coupled with extensive experience in both Indian and international markets.

Prior to joining SecureKloud, Venkat served as the global senior vice president of enterprise business at Seqrite, where he played a pivotal role in driving growth and innovation strategies for the company. His deep understanding of enterprise solutions and customer-centric approach has enabled him to deliver exceptional results and build long-lasting relationships with clients.

In addition to his corporate endeavours, Venkat also serves as an advisor to several new-age startups, where he leverages his strategic vision to guide companies towards sustainable growth and success.

Beyond his professional achievements, Venkat is known for his passion for music and cricket, reflecting his well-rounded personality and interests.

"We are thrilled to welcome Venkat to the SecureKloud family as our new chief revenue officer," said SecureKloud chairman & CEO Suresh Venkatachari. "His extensive experience, strategic insights, and proven leadership will be instrumental in driving our revenue growth and enhancing our market position. We look forward to leveraging Venkat's expertise as we continue to innovate and expand our offerings to meet the evolving needs of our customers."

Venkat's appointment reaffirms SecureKloud's commitment to attracting top talent and strengthening its leadership team to drive business growth and deliver exceptional value to customers.